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Ranks available to users through the Like system (All previous ranks must be reached before advancing to the next)

leecher.png.e7603b4b588744bbd9f05a903bc0 -> @ Register.
junior-member.png.dcad6aa44f6deb3460a05f -> @ 5 posts
member.png.511a33fdb909dfd6feeef5ade7980 -> @ 2 Like.
senior-member.png.61840ebd3b2bddde74676d -> @ 15 Likes.
contributor.png.ad1c86baa98417ac4024b7fa -> @ 75 Likes.
elite.png.d8757caf20d5851eddfaf0ec7dc61e -> @ 200 Likes.
legendary.png.a3c084d732f17f43cb4963b08c -> @ 500 Likes.

Donator rank

vip.png.fd3e7e8dfd5bf6df2b8eccaa4c6c6278 -> $10 USD donation for 90 days:

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Special ranks


Moderator ranks


Happy contributing!

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