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  1. Delete your settings folder, it's corrupt
  2. +33 Mohaha
  3. You better give me cookies.
  4. Appears I've switched teams +33
  5. Probably not visible on your mobile device
  6. Wow, I'm AFK for a day and the forum is exploding The percentage bar should now be visible for everyone on the main page
  7. Try make a clean installation
  8. This topic has been moved from "World of Warcraft" to "Honorbuddy (World of Warcraft)"
  9. Visit the auth page and grab your new key
  10. Hello! You must delete your Settings folder, your settings are corrupt
  11. Here's an interesting read None of the methods described in the thread will work to-date though, but it might give you some ideas
  12. Indeed, but that's just the coding. You need to open the code up too and find out which obfuscator was used
  13. Find out which obfuscator was used first of all
  14. I could report 0.2.4114.1266 just fine