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  1. Website: Description: What does it do? - fully autonomous buying and selling in Normalmode or Automode - possibility to test a free trial (cancel the login) - possibility to run in background (no need to focus gw2) - a lot of options to customize the autonomous buying, for example: buy price, profit abs./pro., min. demand/supply, ... - option to create an own item list (Normalmode) - option to change the speed from 1-200% (so it runs on slower PCs, too) - option to change the item language (so no need to change the ingame language) - option to set 'only Buying' - easy canceling of all current buyings with one click - easy selling of all items in inventory with one click - no memory reading or writing, so the bot is really heavy detectable Download: Crack: VirusTotal:
  2. Thanks for the share, @Foxez
  3. What a great thread! Thank you. I'll definitely contact you.
  4. VMware player would do as well.
  5. Can it be used as a routines engine only? I don't care doing the questing manually but too lazy to press them buttons.
  6. I need this. If anyone has it hit me up
  7. Nice share, thanks
  8. I'd like to have one for Combat rogue as well.
  9. Anyone has the Rogue profiles? Even the German profiles so I can translate them myself.
  10. RoSBot is a very known bot. It's not a scam.
  11. There is 0 reason why would CD ever crack the software again. Their money gain wasn't that great because the software was free to use. The donations weren't enough to hold the hard work that needed to be done. Your best bet would be buying the legit version of Honorbuddy.
  12. What is this? pretty cryptic to me!
  13. Nice I like this, thanks