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  1. hey soapbox works for actually patch? l
  2. ok thx.. and how is feral druid with handsfree?
  3. xen better then handsfree? for pvp
  4. hey i want to buy soapbox or xen..which is better? anyone have experience with ?
  5. anyone sell this routine?
  6. Hey which CR/script is best for warri in pvp?
  7. hey what is soapbox?
  8. hey many people using firehack.. is that detected?
  9. Hello WTb CR for Druid or shamy for Arena plz pm me
  10. hey whats better for now? i use honorbuddy vitalic but i think its to slow..
  11. hey whats ur best way to make gold?:D
  12. popular question of the month lol
  13. hey my bot stuck always with bgfarmer who can help me?
  14. Which class is best for botting with hb?