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[Crack] Guild Wars 2 - Auto Trading Bot 2.29b

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What does it do? 
- fully autonomous buying and selling in Normalmode or Automode
- possibility to test a free trial (cancel the login)
- possibility to run in background (no need to focus gw2)
- a lot of options to customize the autonomous buying, for example: buy price, profit abs./pro., min. demand/supply, ...
- option to create an own item list (Normalmode)
- option to change the speed from 1-200% (so it runs on slower PCs, too)
- option to change the item language (so no need to change the ingame language)
- option to set 'only Buying'
- easy canceling of all current buyings with one click
- easy selling of all items in inventory with one click
- no memory reading or writing, so the bot is really heavy detectable







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Thanks for crack mate. But I have one problem. When he tried to buy items, bot enter Trading Post., searching for items, and in log I can see that he is buying them, but real nothing happened within the game. He doesnt put any buy orders etc...

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