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  1. Can anyone tell me if its possible to make autoit search for text? (im trying to search for a button a pop up(the color changes every time so i cant use img search) so i thought why not try using text search if possible) , the text is following: OK, Okay, Tak, Fedt. I've searched around most possibilities i found was img search which doesnt work cuz of the color change.. ^^ Any help are HIGHLY appreciatet. -Dequality.
  2. No one? :/ i tried everything all i found so far is This is all i've been able to find about the object so far..
  3. Am trying to figure out how to make a script which simply searches for a object on a site and when it finds it (it's a pop up inside a chat) it should automatically click it, my question is how do i make it endless loop & how do i even make this?! and how do i find the specific object? <.< im totally new at java, but i can't really find any easy guides for it =( - Dequality.
  4. Haha tyvm , i don't like shoutbox either i prefer discord xD
  5. @sandaasu tried to get your attention in shoutbox 2 times so now im trying here again i edited my post above yours and asked what the password was for that rar file you linked me to .. xD can't find it Q_Q
  6. Application Name: TankLeader Application Description: Bot for World of tanks. Application Download Link: Official Webpage: Would really like to see that application getting cracked, playing WOT daily but would be nice to have a bot farming once i ain't at my pc!
  7. I would really love to see world of tank's bot (TankLeader) published by TheBudy team cracked! i play that game daily and i could use a bot to farm for me, while i ain't at my PC Site: Download: Hope you guys are willing to look into this man i have looked all over the internet and i can't find any cracks of it :/ - Sorry for my scrubbish english , it isn't my Native language.. - Dequality.
  8. Tyvm sir! will look into it right away, got another question for you @sandaasu if i want to learn how to brute force is there any good guides for that in this forum? =D i've been looking around but really couldn't find any.. "Foxez" or what his username is are releasing alot of nice passwords etc would be neat to be able to do that myself but is it complicated af? , i pm'ed him once but he doesnt answer EDIT:; Oh what the? what is the password for the winrar folder for that tutorial xD
  9. @sandaasu which of the ebooks would you recommend starting out with? for a comeplete beginner never touched reverse only thing i got experience with is AutoIT scripts xD - Dequality.
  10. What about my suggestions? they're on first page
  11. Dungeon fighter online? Paladins / Smite (Hi-rez) Not sure if there is anything else? don't think steam is possible? unless you also go for their emails :-D I would love to see a tutorial on how you do it honestly!
  12. Still works, havent tested more than from top till that one and that one stil works =) Please do not change the password or create new "users" inside the netflix account nice to have one for free man ;-) Tyvm to Foxez - Dequality.
  13. How far is this donation progress? =) -Deq.