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  1. Since it seems this crack is no longer being maintained by OP i am going to go ahead and close this thread to prevent further malicious content from being posted, if OP wants to continue this thread please feel free to contact a moderator about it. // Locked.
  2. and what great contributions have you made so far? cause all i see are complaints.. for all you know the team has been working for weeks to try and get the CDauth working again, and here you are.. making comments that literally contribute nothing to anything.. pick up a book, read some guides, learn how to reverse, and maybe in a few years you'll be able to do it yourself and you wont need us anymore, until then, have some patience and understanding, cause comments like these are what makes me want to ask them to just cancel the entire cdauth project, you guys dont deserve it.
  3. This topic has been moved from "Honorbuddy (World of Warcraft)" to "General WTB/WTS"
  4. first of all, you dont have to be here, you know? you can leave at any time you please.. secondly, anything offered here is free, we dont ask for your money in order to use anything offered by us, you can use it all for free, "heckling us broke people for donations." , you being broke is due to your poor life choices, but as stated in my first sentence, you dont have to be here, similarly to that, you dont have to give us anything.. feel free to go to any of the alternatives to us. im sure you'll be able to find plenty since you're smart enough to download your movies/shows yourself aswell. "Oddly they're still running the Plex scam, as if they aren't just downloading the movies/shows from the various free streaming websites and services like Kodi." Suspense owns and manages the plex servers, and is no longer a part of the CD team, as such, Elysium (the plex server) has nothing to do with CD anymore, and yes, he is just downloading the movies/shows, but he then makes it available to be streamed anywhere at any time with rarely any downtime from a server that he pays for, in order to cover costs of this server, he decided to move to a subscription based service, i'd say the convenience and time it saves me finding/downloading these shows myself are easily worth the small amount it costs for access to it.. so once again, this comes down to your poor financial choices.. which you cant blame on us since well.. everythings free here.. (edit: cylae also manages a plex a server so heres his free advertisement space)
  5. no you dont, here you go. @Unknown2431 Please refrain from posting reflinks or even worse in my personal opinion, adfly links, if you wish to get something back from posting this, post some legitimate content and add a donation button, and you wont hear any complaints, any further reposts or edits of this thread to place the adfly links back will result in a penalty, and the severity of that penalty may depend on which moderator decides to look into it. (in general, if your post gets removed, it might be for a reason, common sense would tell me to not repost it in such a case.)
  6. The point of donating is to support our community, allow us to do what we do, if you plan on donating for whats in VIP, then we have always said that we dont want you to donate. VIP is not a purchase, its a reward for donating, if you consider it a purchase, you'll only end up disappointing yourself. on a side note, it is considered bad manners to ask whats in VIP, and we'd also appreciate our VIP members keep whats in there between VIP members, theres a reason the content there is not visible publicly, its because what our members post in VIP, are things they want to keep among VIP members..
  7. I imagine when the auth and CDpatcher get updated, that it will be shortly followed by a CDStore update
  8. I have one in the house, its been in its box for the past 2-3 months though.. We got a fair share of fun out of it, bought quite a few games for it, etc, and its probably since everyone in my house is quite a fanatic gamer, but eventually it just got boring and didnt feel like an efficient way of using the pc, simple tasks felt like they took longer through it then just doing them from the pc directly all in all, if you plan on buying it, i advise waiting for the technology around it to improve more, you'll get quite alot of fun out of it for a few weeks, probably more if you're more of a casual gamer.. but for someone like me its just more of a hassle..
  9. This topic has been moved from "Reverse Engineering > World of Warcraft" to "General Releases"
  10. please stop intentionally posting false statements.. we already have enough people constantly asking if it works or not. to everyone else: you can safely assume it is NOT working until official sources (purple names) confirm a working version has been released.
  11. Very nice, im sure guides like these are what alot of people need that are trying to learn how to do these things, Keep em coming maybe at some point even i might have a go at it ^^
  12. Im going to assume you are referring to Suspenses plex service, you can join this discord: Suspense is in there and will be able to provide any support neccesary
  13. // please refrain from posting in any language that is not english.
  14. this is an english speaking forum, please refrain from posting in any other language. and to answer your question, no, these are only addons, they will not get you banned
  15. Aslong as you provide a disclaimer that people download this at their own risk, i think we'll be able to look away when it comes to not having a virustotal link (please note this does not apply to anyone, sandaasu is a long time member and contributor, in no way does this mean we no longer require virustotal links) Looks like a nice package anyway, lets hope it sparks an interest in learning to use these for some people