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Found 16 results

  1. FAQ: §0 Do I need VIP status to use CodeDeception? No. Anything offered here that's not member contributed to the community (so any of the official releases) are completely free, VIP is merely a way to support what we do here, and in return for supporting us we give you the VIP status with a nice green name. §1 How to become VIP? §2 What is CodeDeception? CD provides a service to use some buddy products for free. That means you do not have to spent any money at all. CD cracks buddy products, like Honorbuddy (all things in the Honorbuddy Store, too), Hearthbuddy, etc. §3 Which products are currently working? You can check here: It could take some time to crack a new version for the buddy products. So please be patient, because the developers are doing this all for free and have other things to do in their life as well. But usually they crack things pretty fast. §4 How to use Honorbuddy, Hearthbuddy and other buddy products? 1. Download them from here: # Note: If you are from Germany, use a proxy to download the non-german version of honorbuddy. 2. Make sure you have all dependencies that the buddy product needs like .NET Framework 4 and Visual C++ 3. Download CDAuth from here: 4. Start CDPatcher as Admin (It will rename itself with random strings for safety measures) . 5. Use VIP Auth. Do not close CDPatcher. - 6. Start the buddy product, if it asks for your authentication key, enter your key from here: addition stuff for Honorbuddy: 7. For plugins, profiles, routines and botbases in the Honorbuddy Store go to and enable the products which you want. You have to restart Honorbuddy to get the new products. If you have any request for the buddy store, go here: §5 Something does not work. Use the help and support section: Please provide a .log, describe exactly your problem and what you already have tried to solve it by yourself.
  2. Hey guys, I quit WoW and wts my HB account now. Its store account is connected to KingWOW Mage and Priest and I have Vitalic as well - now Im selling it all as a bundle. Its still on ebay so you may bid there, however when the offer ends at feb 18. you can pm me here aswell and make an offer (maybe Ill make another "real" post again then).
  3. Hi guys. In our russian community in social network vk now undergoing lottery for unlimited key for demombuddy. Conditions are simple: do repost and join in group. If you are registered VKontakte and wants to participate in the lottery, welcome ->Raffle key here
  4. Hi. It seems that iam unable to use exile buddy, during the initialization of the program , after the key its verified and introduced and the main window of the program its visible, i receive and error informing me that the bot its unable to download necessary data due to an invalid key. Im using the no steam client, renamed the ExileBuddy Exe, made the antivirus exceptions, running as administrator , etc. The funny thing its that i had been using ExileBuddy prior update (Ver 161 ) without problems and now using the same process i cant make it to work. Here is the log : 2016-02-28 18:12:44,475 [1] INFO CustomLogger (null) - Exilebuddy Version: 0.1.3853.165 Path: C:\Users\<Username>\Downloads\EOL\<ExeName> OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate OS Version: 6.1.7601 OS Architecture: 64 bits InstalledUICulture: es-ES [Spanish (Spain, International Sort)] CurrentUICulture: es-ES [Spanish (Spain, International Sort)] CurrentCulture: es-AR [Spanish (Argentina)] 2016-02-28 18:12:48,179 [1] INFO CustomLogger (null) - Exilebuddy [0.1.3853.165] is up to date! 2016-02-28 18:12:48,350 [10] INFO CustomLogger (null) - [Pre-Login] Connecting to BestLatency ( 2016-02-28 18:12:49,268 [10] ERROR CustomLogger (null) - Error while logging into auth: Invalid product key! 2016-02-28 18:12:49,890 [10] ERROR CustomLogger (null) - There was an error authenticating your key with the server. Please try again or use a different key. Invalid product key! Thanks for your time and help . My regards .
  5. Hello, I have a problem with my EB, whenever I try to open it got that massage: I did change the name of the exilebuddy.exe, the key I trying to type into is that one from Auth Page, what Im doing wrong?
  6. hey so im trying to use the exilebuddy bot but i gives this error : The data required to run the bot was not successfully obtained. Please make sure your key is still valid at the Buddy Auth Portal: For any further assistence, please contact support: i have the non steam version and i changed the name of the buddy bot to CDRocks can someone help me out?
  7. where can i go to get a new HB key? the one i used to use is outdated, need a new one :- )
  8. Like the topic says , the key aint working for HB.. I found the the key in Auth page, what do i do?
  9. Using: Honorbuddy Version: Lastest (just finished the update) Problem: Post update My auth key is invalid. Flushed DNS and deleted settings folder, no fix. Log: [09:41:06.339 N] Honorbuddy v2.5.14052.789 started.[09:41:20.870 N] Logging in...[09:41:21.216 N] Invalid product key![09:41:25.686 N] Authentication failed. Invalid product key! Routines: KingWoW Shaman [Free] Botbase: AntiAFK (dont know what a botbase is tbh) Plugins: LogMeOut, AvoidPlayers, AutoDecline Profile: [H] 90 - 100 Questing [by Spegeli] 99% AFK
  10. Program: (HB) Version: HB 788 Issue: Nothing much my friends, is my key that does not recognize the products market in CDStory. Already deleted the Cache folder bossland and still nothing. = [ Log: N/A Combat Routine: N/A Botbase: The same standards Plugins ENABLED: The same standards Location: Just incase. Screen Shot:
  11. I have a problem in recognition of my key in the EB, I tried changes related classifications and so far not consegui validate my key using the CDPatcher. Could someone guide me and see what I'm forgetting to do? Grateful.
  12. Accidentally I've updated hearthbuddy, and then while using CD i have this error when start Hearthbuddy: "The data required to run the bot was not successfully obtained. Please make sure your key is still valid at the Buddy Auth Portal: For any further assistence, please contact support: " I reinstulled old version Hearthbuddy-0.3.870.140, which is aproved, but it didn't help - i still have that error. What shall I do to get rid of error?
  13. BD says not a valid key, registered 3 accounts and all the keys are not true. What to do?