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  1. Hello dear friends. A project like this one cost a lot of money. As you can guess we need big hard drives to host all the video content and only expensive servers got big ones. After multiple trials, multiple adjustments, I can understand that the quality of this service may have disappointed you. That's why I understand why people did not want to fund the server. Today I work hard on a whole other project, to manage two projects like these takes time and costs a lot of money that is why I decided to stop the Plex server. Thank you for participating in this project, and who knows, maybe he will be back in a few months. Cylae
  2. The Plex Media Server will be back online tonight.
  3. Hello everybody, The server is now ready to be launched. You can create an account at this adress : As we don't have an official forum yet, we'll keep this thread to report bug. LAUNCH EVENT : ALL ACCOUNTS CREATED BEFORE SUNDAY 5TH FEBRARY 2017 WILL HAVE A LEVEL 60 CHARACTER WITH FULL BIS PRE-RAID GEAR TO BE READY TO START RAIDS AND 5000 GOLDS. (WE CONSIDER DOING THE SAME FOR PVP GEAR.) - How to report a bug ItemID : What expected ? : What happened ? : More ? : I will maybe setup a bugtracker soon.
  4. Your 1.12 Private Server Hello everybody ! I was working yesterday on setup a little World of Warcraft server. And the good thing is... that is running ! So what ? You can register an account on the website. Download the game and let's play with us ! Support You can report issues/bugs here. You can also create a ticket ingame. We can also provide support on the CodeDeception's Discord, on the #wow_server channel. How to be ready for the D-Day ? You can already download a client here : Windows - Mac Magnet links And set your like this : set realmlist Come with us !
  5. Requests sent ! Request page available here : Cylae's Plex page : If you enjoy the service please consider donating :
  6. Plex will be back in few hours. (This time it's true, really... :P) @thefrank As we were already invited, you access will be restored when the Plex server will be back online.
  7. Thanks ! Read the rules for apply
  8. "Hello" "please" "Thanks" maybe ? :|
  9. Request sent
  10. Note : the server will be unavailable for few hours from 4:30PM (GMT). The server will be back in the early evening.
  11. Sent
  12. Everything is now back online.
  13. Hello, yes the server is currently unavailable. Everything will be back online in few hours.
  14. Good tip to decrease GPU consumption : In game. /console RenderScale [0.01-1] 1 is the default value. For example : /console RenderScale 0.1
  15. Would love to join you if you find a working bot