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  1. Nope, would require some extensive reverse engineering... probably...
  2. +37
  3. so, just wait ;D nothing else u can do... btw it's kinda early, got wait till night to see if ppl will actually donate to sustain the 3 months... I believe so, its just 150 vips lol that ain't that much
  4. just to help out bro ;D nobody need to donate again to use... but everybody got wait! =P
  5. nope, theres no such thing anymore =P thats the whole point lol
  6. I think there shouldn't be any limit to donate... Just to acquire VIP which is 10 bucks and thats it. Other than that you should be able to donate how much you want, if yit less than 10 you get shit for it LOL but u support the community ;D But then theres this: =\
  7. +1 sounds good to me, as long as it goes... les do it ;D
  8. Just a prototype... more soon o/
  9. Nice tits ;D hahaha

    1. kellerbier

      true story ^^ 

  10. Are you a pirate? ARRGH!
  11. +27
  12. Yeah, like I can do anything about that... lol