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  1. Hello is ther anyway you could crack Hags-Club client?

  2. Hi sir, I am interested in purchasing the CSGO ESP if I can and it still gets updated regularly. my skype is m.hobbs2 or just msg me on here.



  3. Smartbot runs serverside AI, if you were to crack it you would have to develop your own AI, in which case you pretty much developed your own bot. You cannot just "edit some stuff" Conclusion: You are pretty dumb saying what you just said
  4. If you had paid attention, you would have noticed that its been registered to that chinese name for 3-4 months
  5. I dont know, but all they would have to do is make a change, the chinese have very little ability to fix anything themselfs.
  6. You are wasting your time. The HB2 crack that the chinese are using, was made by us. HB3 will release with legion in 2 days, which contain so much new protection that all chinese cracks will break, and we won't provide them with new ones :).
  7. please contact me skype  creedtrup   i have a payed work for you. thanks

  8. The donation drive wasnt stopped "willingly", the only one thats a joke here is you. You have absolutely no idea about the work going on behind the scenes, you have no idea how much management is included when running a community like this, how much can go wrong at any minute. Stop acting like a smartass.
  9. We should've spent it on a cyborg implant to increase your intelligence, im sorry, if only we knew.
  10. A little update: The auth servers will be re-opened during the first days of this upcoming week. Staff wants to make sure that all the agreements about the future of CD gets handled correctly before setting anything off, obviously theres a lot of to talk about and such things take time. Worry not that CDPatcher and CD is gone, it is not, it will return. Regards
  11. People dont take it seriously or release until service is interrupted, thats why. This thread was posted 2 days ago, less then 5 donations were made between wednesday and friday, that should explain it pretty well.
  12. No, if CD were to provide a sub, or "sell" something, then we are providing a paid service, then we must also provide support for said paid service, we can also not just "stop selling", which means we would begin making profits. These are all things that CD dont want to bind itself to, its more work and it causes more legal issues 27%
  13. If VIP remained opened, then CD would appear to be selling access and this is not something that CD is interested in. CD is NOT a business and does NOT sell CDPatcher or any other products
  14. As explained in the first post, no one has access to anything until we reach the goal. If we dont reach the goal, the result will be having to cut servers, the end result becomes the same as what is happening currently, no one will have access to anything. If the community cannot keep CD alive, then CD will cease to exist as it does right now, someone else will take over and what happens then i cannot promise, might be great, might be terrible.