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Found 4 results

  1. [PQR 3.3.5 - Translated Profiles] for level 80 only I spent some time translating pqr profiles (for 3.3.5) to use them with an english version of wow. I tested all profiles in this download (for 3.3.5), on an privat server from "Ac-Web Repack V-0.7 64bit", because i don't have all classes on warmane. Download: Download Profiles only: Virustotal: Virustotal Profiles only: Profiles in this download for 3.3.5: [PQR 4.3.4 - Profiles] better be level 85 to have no problems I don't tested all these profiles but they should work on 4.3.4 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: Profiles in this download for 4.3.4: [PQR 5.4.8 - Profiles] better be level 90 to have no problems, only 32-bit I don't tested these profiles but they should work on 5.4.8 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: If you play on PandaWOW: Profiles in this download for 5.4.8: If you find more profiles or a profile that is not working you can post it and i can edit the topic for further visitors.
  2. Is there a plugin which renews the level 100 talent buff "Exotic Munitions" hourly? If so I'd really appreciate knowing, Thank you!
  3. Luicines Spirit Beast Tamer ProfileSpirit beasts implemented into pack so far: Loque'nahak - 32517 Skoll - 35189 Gondria - 33776 Using the plugin Rarekiller2, my profile will map and tame the beast from the selected profile. Rarekiller2 must be setup first to enable taming of the beasts, if you do not follow the instructions then your character will kill it on sight! - Once Honorbuddy is running, click on 'Plugins' and then Rarekiller2 - You must then configure the plugin for taming, you can do this by ticking 'don't kill tameable Mobs' and 'Tame Default Pets' under the 'TheTamer' title - To ensure the beast you want is tamed, I would suggest ticking 'Tame by ID' and entering the Mob ID provided above next to its name I would recommend using add ons such as NPCScan or SilverDragon, which will alert you with a sound if the rare tameable mob is there! How to run the profile: - Open up your WoW client in 32 bit mode - Open up your Honorbuddy client - Select GatherBuddy2 - Load my profile which can be downloaded using the link bellow Improvements to come: - Dismiss pet - Check to see if there is a free pet slot - If there isn't a free pet slot, then go to a stable master and create one Link is here: Any questions feel free to ask!
  4. Greetings Everyone, After receiving some of the requests regards the "Custom Class" profiles, I decided to make one dedicated to the Codemplosion community. As the title says, this release is a Combat routine for Hunters. It is a replacement for the implemented Singular in Honorbuddy. This plugin is fully working except it needs a bit tweaking. Plugin Preview: Installation: 1. Download the Plugin from here : Download Link 2. Extract the Rar Archive so it looks like the one in the image : FOLDER PATH <<- This is just an example how the plugin should be placed Setup: Focus Shot: This is the focus level at which you will start using Steady Shot or Cobra Shot. Pet Slot: Rather obvious, but this is the pet slot you will use. Make sure you actually have a valid pet in the slot. Pet Attack Delay: If enabled the hunter will wait until the Pet and target are in combat before opening fire. Focus Fire: Use Focus Fire when you have X stacks of Frenzy Effect on your pet. NB: There is also a setting on the Advanced tab; Consume Frenzy Effect (on by default) that will use Focus Fire if the Pet's Frenzy Effect is about to expire. Best to keep this up as frequently as possible.Widow Venom: Really only useful in BGs.Disengage: If not in a BG will attempt to cast Wing Clip before using Disengage, if you don't have enough focus it will just use Disengage. If you are in a BG it will not use Disengage if you can't cast Wing Clip.Trap in Combat: Will only lay down the chosen trap if they target is within interact range.Trap on Adds: Will lay down the chosen trap as soon as you have adds regardless of range.Trap Launcher: Will cast the trap as soon as possible when you enter combat.Continuous Pulling: Located on the Advanced Tab,(off by default) this will send your pet to attack the closest most suitable target (and cast Hunter's Mark is your options allow) while you are moving to loot your last mob. The conditions of this are: you & your pet don't need healing, the mob is within your pull range and you have mobs to loot. The following issues will happen if this is turned on; you will occasionally skip looting a mob, you will constantly be in combat. It is strongly recommended this setting only be used if you are GRINDING, if you are questing this will cause problems. NB: This feature is NOT multi-mob pulling! The default settings make some assumptions:1. You have Glyph of Mend Pet. If you do not them simply change the Pet Happiness setting on the Advanced tab, select ignore from the list. 2. The settings are optimized for the Beast Mastery spec. If you are using any other spec you WILL need to tweak the settings to be more efficient with your spec. Note: In case You are encountering problems with something like multiple profiles found.... Delete : CMHonorbuddy434/CustomClasses/Singular/ClassSpecific/Hunter For Any consulting or feedback, please reply to this thread. Regards, Deathburn