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Found 4 results

  1. [PQR 3.3.5 - Translated Profiles] for level 80 only I spent some time translating pqr profiles (for 3.3.5) to use them with an english version of wow. I tested all profiles in this download (for 3.3.5), on an privat server from "Ac-Web Repack V-0.7 64bit", because i don't have all classes on warmane. Download: Download Profiles only: Virustotal: Virustotal Profiles only: Profiles in this download for 3.3.5: [PQR 4.3.4 - Profiles] better be level 85 to have no problems I don't tested all these profiles but they should work on 4.3.4 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: Profiles in this download for 4.3.4: [PQR 5.4.8 - Profiles] better be level 90 to have no problems, only 32-bit I don't tested these profiles but they should work on 5.4.8 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: If you play on PandaWOW: Profiles in this download for 5.4.8: If you find more profiles or a profile that is not working you can post it and i can edit the topic for further visitors.
  2. Greetings Everyone, After receiving some of the requests regards the "Custom Class" profiles, I decided to make one dedicated to the Codemplosion community. As the title says, this release is a Combat routine for Druids. It is a replacement for the implemented Singular in Honorbuddy. This plugin is in beta stage. Bear from not added yet. Plugin Preview: Installation: 1. Download the Plugin from here : Download Link 2. Extract the Rar Archive so it looks like the one in the image : FOLDER PATH <<- This is just an example how the plugin should be placed Setup: Quick spec setup: At the bottom of the UI form there is a drop down field that will quickly change the settings based on the option you select from the drop down; Frost spec, Blood spec and Unholy spec. These are not perfect and are meant to be used as a base only. To clarify, your settings are not saved per spec. This will only populate the settings suitable for the chosen spec. Advanced Settings & Options Multiple Options: Some (if not, most) options in the UI will have an option called [Multiple Options]. When you select this option another box will appear, this box will have a checklist of all available options for the selected setting. In the below screenshot, Tiger's Fury has been selected to use multiple options for casting the spell. This Multi-option setting is very powerful and only for those not afraid to break things. The dropdown on the top of the form has two options: OR and AND 'OR' means ANY of the conditions can be true and the spell will cast. 'AND' means ALL of the conditions must be TRUE for the spell will cast. Priority Based Targeting: It is a simple piece of code that ensure you are attacking the most appropriate target. The checking takes into account a number of variables such as target's level, health, class etc. I also weight some target's based on my own internal database, this is a list of mobs that should be targeted and killed ASAP before they are able to perform a undesirable function or cast a spell. Note: When are you in an instance or using the 'LazyRaider' feature of this CC I strongly suggest you to turn off this setting as it will cause havoc when used with InstanceBuddy. You can turn off this feature by going to the Advanced tab on the UI, selecting 'Priority Targeting' and setting it to NEVER. Travel Form: This setting (located on the Common tab) has 3 options: Automatic (default), always and never. When set to Automatic it will use Travel form only if you are not using a mount in HB. When set to 'always', this will always use Travel Form, it will override the use of a mount. When HB needs to mount it will cast Travel Form. And the last option, never, well that goes without saying. Note: In case You are encountering problems with something like multiple profiles found.... Delete : CMHonorbuddy434/CustomClasses/Singular/ClassSpecific/Druid For Any consulting or feedback, please reply to this thread. Regards, Deathburn
  3. Hello guys! I have a problem with Singular as a feral druid: sometimes It uses dash and also makes my character heal himself whenever he's <80% hp and out of combat and i can't disable that. It's not even a problem in general, but for my profile i'd like to turn off that behavior. Is that possible? I tried to search for that in "Class Config" and on the honorbuddy's forum - no luck, tried to ask in the official Singular's thread - nobody answered, maybe someone here knows how can I set this
  4. Does anyone happen to have a better resto druid CR for 4.3.4 than Singular v2 for BGs? It keeps thinking it is stuck and it backs up, jumps, strafes, etc. and just overall is not a great CR for BGs. I used the Ultimate Pala Healer CR that was posted here for my holy pally and it is amazing in BGs, hoping that there is one for resto druids as well.