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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, Since there wasn't any solution to the problem that occured some months before, we all tried to find another way to enjoy botting once again. Well tito38 did. But note that it doesn't work on Windows 8. First of all you will need to download some files. 1. 2. 3. necessary if you don't already have the Mesh from Deathburn's post) Then you must follow some steps in order to set it up. 1. First of all go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc then run Notepad as administrator. After that open the "hosts" file located in the "etc" folder in Notepad. Then copy the followed text at the end of the content of the file: and save it. 2. Then extract the auth folder (which you downloaded before) wherever you want to. Then copy the content of the mesh folder inside /auth/mesh/hb2 . 3. Finally you need to open Buddy_Auth.exe located in auth folder. With this opened you can run HonnorBuddy using any Username and Password you want to. 4. ENJOY! This post is dedicated to pito38 as he found the source. Hope it works for everyone.
  2. [PQR 3.3.5 - Translated Profiles] for level 80 only I spent some time translating pqr profiles (for 3.3.5) to use them with an english version of wow. I tested all profiles in this download (for 3.3.5), on an privat server from "Ac-Web Repack V-0.7 64bit", because i don't have all classes on warmane. Download: Download Profiles only: Virustotal: Virustotal Profiles only: Profiles in this download for 3.3.5: [PQR 4.3.4 - Profiles] better be level 85 to have no problems I don't tested all these profiles but they should work on 4.3.4 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: Profiles in this download for 4.3.4: [PQR 5.4.8 - Profiles] better be level 90 to have no problems, only 32-bit I don't tested these profiles but they should work on 5.4.8 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: If you play on PandaWOW: Profiles in this download for 5.4.8: If you find more profiles or a profile that is not working you can post it and i can edit the topic for further visitors.
  3. Please follow the steps below carefully in order to make it work without any mistakes: Download -->> Honorbuddy (Local Authentication Servers) <<-- for the 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) Download -->> CodeDeception Auth <<-- for the 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) ONLY Download required Mesh ( Click here for the Guide) Make sure You are logged on Your character Launch the HBCD_Auth Start Your HonorBuddy Enjoy !! Updates: **Updates and Patches for the Honorbuddy comming soon 26/5/2015: IF I GET ENOUGH REQUESTS, I WILL UPDATE THE 4.3.4 HONORBUDDY WITH TO A NEW VERSION 14/7/2014: Fixed the problem with authenticating. Download of both HB and the Auth Packages are REQUIRED. 5/7/2014: Updated with CodeDeception Local Servers ! 17/7/2013: Recently, many people complained about the "Authentication Failed" problems. For the ones encountering that problem, I am releasing a version of Honorbuddy which connects to the backup servers. 7/6/2013: The authentication servers have been updated. They no longer request Your username and password. Instead, You use the authentication key only which is obtained at the CMAUTH website. USE WITH PRECAUTION. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
  4. What is PimpMyGuild? PimpMyGuild is the ultimate guild recruitment plugin for Honorbuddy! It'll work seamlessly in the background, and unlike other plugins you won't be spammed with the /who window meaning you can enjoy your game while still pimping your guild! You can also drag the SuperScan window to the very edge of your screen and you'll never know it's there. Installation instructions: Download PimpMyGuild.cs Go inside your "Honorbuddy/Plugins" folder and extract PimpMyGuild.cs Download SuperGuildInvite Go inside your wowfolder/interface/addons and extract SuperGuildInvite Log into WoW, configure the plugin as you would like and press "Superscan". Select PimpMyGuild in the plugin section in Honorbuddy, Start bot Have fun This plugin is for wow 4.3.4 and honorbuddy
  5. Hello everyone. Is it possible to run 4.3.4 honorbuddy on win10 x64? I've been reading and some people say that's the reason wow crashes. My gpu drivers are updated. Running in DX9 Here's what I've tried: Running in windowed (fullscreen), windowed Compatibility win7, vista sp2 on all 3 exes (wow, auth, hb). I'd like some suggestions Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, Just browse WRobot forum around, and actually found out that the Coder from WRobot released a Version Specially for Cataclysm (4.3.4) and MOP (5.4.8), pretty fresh release 19. November. So i think if you need a Privat Server Bot for those Expansions you best bet is WRobot that Supports this Versions. Full access to WRobot FOR WOW PRIVATE SERVER and all its products, unlimited WRobot session, Lifetime for just 15 Euro. Their is a 15 Minutes Trial so you can test the Bot on your Server. Hope i helped for anyone who is searching for a Privat Server Bot, greets
  7. Please use the steps bellow in order to make it work successfully: ​1.Download the mesh from the link below: Mesh (614MB) Mesh (615MB) Mirror 2. The Default Path for Honorbuddy mesh has to look like this: \HBCD Auth\Mesh\HB2\(Zone Folders here) 3. Make sure that Your Honorbuddy path is set also in HB Settings 4. Go back to the original Thread if You have come from it. 5. Happy botting!! NOTE: Downloading mesh is obligatory. USE WITH PRECAUTION. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
  8. Hello, I've had some troubles while searching profiles for Cata HB, because profiles are up to date and have troubles with some quests. Plus the fact that quests are on privates servers don't help at all. This is a 1-85 grinding profile from Kick's pack, which works pretty well: Put HB on grinding mode and enjoy afk. Tk.
  9. Does anyone happen to have a better resto druid CR for 4.3.4 than Singular v2 for BGs? It keeps thinking it is stuck and it backs up, jumps, strafes, etc. and just overall is not a great CR for BGs. I used the Ultimate Pala Healer CR that was posted here for my holy pally and it is amazing in BGs, hoping that there is one for resto druids as well.
  10. Profile creator for Gatherbuddy2. How to install: Extract the archive to honorbuddy/plugins folder. How to create a profile: 1. Go to the plugin tab, select "ZapRecorder" and press the button "Show Window".2. Press "Start Recording" and move your character along your route.3. Press "Stop Recording" when finnished with your route.5. Go and stand next to a mailbox and press the "Mailbox" button, DONE!6. Go and target a vendor, and press the "Vendor button", DONE!7. Go to your blackspot, put the character in the middle, choose the raidius and press "Blackspot", DONE!8.Press "Save Profile" and the location of the new profile will appear in the log window Have fun Download !
  11. Hello, I'm using the 4.3.4 honorbuddy, and I'm wondering if anyone's got the 4.3.4 version of "Arelog"? Here is the link to the Arelog program if you don't know exactly what i mean: Thank you.