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Week 1

  • The main reason why you don't have gold
  • I believe firmly that Blizzard wants you to be rich. They want you to have gold. They want you to return to their video game and interact with it, to buy things and sell them. This is becoming abundantly clear as they introduced garrisons, order halls, and mission tables which, lets face it, is a way to shovel gold into your lap every day.
  • So how come you don't have as much as you need? 
  • I think this is probably because you are spending it. Spending it on gear which you will improve within days, consumables you could craft or have crafted, and basically trash from the Auction House. Things you don't really need, when there is a cheaper way of getting the item or a way around it needing it. It's buying fish instead of taking out a fishing rod. It's buying items that you could farm. It's buying a whole armor set for your alt, when you could make do with what you have, and improve it slowly over time, or with just one or two items as treats.
  • There is a difference between spending and investing. Investing is buying things that you KNOW will sell, or training in your professions which will provide you with paid work for months. It's upgrading your garrison to ensure that it produces more gold every day.
  • So here is today's reading list on Saving:

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    February 2011.

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    * August 2015
  • You will notice that some of the webpages are old, from 2011 or earlier.* Don't worry, all the advice still works.
  • Today's Challenge:
  • Set a target for saving per day or per week and stick to it.
    Practical Advice:
  • Write down
  • 1. How much gold you have now
  • 2. How much gold you will have at the end of the course
  • 3. Your target of savings per day (or week)

Week 2

  • All the Ways to Make Gold
  • There are many different ways to make gold. We're going to be covering all of them throughout the course.* For now, we'll look at the basics:
  • 1 Farming
  • Questing, completing world quests.* Killing mobs, either round and round, in a dungeon, or even standing still and making the mobs come to you.
  • Gathering, and I include mission tables in farming. Farming is normal quests, missions, and all work done regularly.
  • 2 Services
  • Doing things for other players to get gold, like tanking, healing, power leveling. PvP boosts.
  • 3 Crafting
  • Making things with your professions.* Using your profession to Add Value to a raw material, then selling it.
  • 4 Playing the Auction House
  • Buying, selling, learning how it work.* Flipping: buy low, sell high. Spotting a good deal. Sniping.
  • Selling transmogs and items you picked up with farming.
  • So here's today's reading list on Methods.
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    March 2015
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    May 2015
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    June 2015
  • Challenge
  • Choose one of the methods to focus on in the next 5 days. Learn more about it, google topics connected with it, and work out which you can do. What barriers stop you doing the others? Work on those barriers.* Choose one of the methods that you might not have considered previously.

Week 3

  • A tour around your mission tables
  • Beginning in Warlords of Draenor, and carrying on to both Legion and Battle for Azeroth, mission tables give regular gold or items that you can sell. Coalfist Gronnlings, cinderpups, and Medallion of the Legion still sell well.
  • Your WoD garrison continues to make items that you can sell, such as hexweave bags, and makes a useful stopping point for accessing the Auction House.* You get a free garrison with a level 100 boost, but I believe not with a 110 boost.
  • Class Order Halls in Legion feature a mission board, where you can send your followers on quests.* It's simple to set up, get the addon, prioritise the 200% gold missions, and profit.* Until they are nerfed, get hold of the pet charms also and BoP blood, runes, and anything that looks saleable.
  • Battle for Azeroth will also have mission tables.* Your professions can create items for your followers that mean they will bring back extra materials for you.
  • Scribes get ink, and so on. This is a great way of creating mission table and profession synergy.
  • Mission tables are passive gold making, you set them up, the followers go off to fetch your gold, and you can get on with doing your own gold making.* If you also have items on the Auction House at the same time, then this is three things all happening at the same time.* One active (your farming or crafting), and two passive (AH, and Mission tables).
  • Addons to get:
  • Garrison Mission Manager
  • So here's today's reading list on mission tables and your old garrison
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    Huge Ogre Cach July 2015
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Hexweave Bags May 2018
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Legion Order Hall Guide Dec 2017
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    Elixir of Giant Growth Apr 2015

Week 4

  • How to Farm Like a Pro
  • Farming. The very word has become synonymous with warcraft gold making. There are so many different ways of making gold, but farming is so easy, so reliable, and so lucrative, that gold farming and gold making have become mixed up into one description.
  • Farming just means gathering. Picking up from the ground. You can farm mobs by killing them in the open world or in a dungeon, over and over. You can farm leather, herbs, ore, cloth, fish, all across Azeroth.
  • What's the best farm spot in world of warcraft?
  • As you're searching the internet, checking for gold per hour and comparing routes that allege you can make 20,000g per hour, 50,000g per hour, or more, ask yourself these questions to evaluate the farming spots.
  • Is this pure gold or the potential value of items that are looted?
  • Does the gold per hour take into account your time spent trying to sell the items?
  • Do you need a certain class, or professions? What will it cost you in time and money to acquire those?
  • Can you make this amount of gold hour after hour?
  • How quickly can it work, is this a once-only deal, or do you need to return several times in order to raise enough gold?
  • The Catch
  • With most gold farming guides, there is a catch. You have to get a certain item to drop, or you need a particular profession to craft something with the drops, or you have to slog away at the Auction house, engaging in “pvp” with the other sellers in order to attract the potential buyers.
  • That's why I say that the best farming spot in world of warcraft, is the world.... of warcraft.
  • Let me explain. The greater the diversity in the items you sell, the greater the number of potential buyers you can have, the greater the opportunity for sales. When you actually get to the AH, ready to sell the items you have picked up in the farming spots, you will need to have a wide selection of items for sale. Not just transmog items from Silithus (to name one popular farming spot) but from all across the world. Some of the things you will sell, you must follow their sales pattern up and down, in regular or irregular rhythms. Some of the items, you can set a price and be assured of it.
  • That's why this farming guide has no actual farming routes. If you are intelligent enough to get on my mailing list, then I will not insult you by giving you a list that you can find yourself by googling. Even if I were to do the googling for you, my list would be superceded by new, better routes within weeks. That's how farming works. A route comes out, everyone does it, the market gets flooded, none of the items sell. So another new route comes out on youtube. Rinse and repeat.
  • This is how I farm:
  • I check my stock
  • I check with my warcraft friends, guildies, wowhead, mmochampion, reddit: what is selling, what is wanted? Is there a trendy item or set of items? (At the time of writing, transmogs are selling well, as are pets.)
  • I match the needs with what I can supply. I try and fill the gaps.
  • Example, if everyone wants Medallion of the Legion, and they're easy to get, easy to sell, and make lots of gold, then why fight it? Go ahead and farm medallions!
  • After that's done, and I've done my mission tables and crafted items to replace any I've sold, I try and find the gaps that other sellers have missed. Unusual things that aren't talked about on YouTube because the videos that accompany them say 10k/hr instead of 12k/hr. Things like Blackwing Lair instead of Silithus. Albino Cavefish instead of Whiptail farming. If everyone else is farming Volatile Water, go get some Khorium ore instead. If everyone is in Isle of Giants, check out Blackrock Depths. If everyone is in BRD (poor things!) then check the Auction House for items that are being sold underpriced, using the TSM4 Sniper as part of Trade Skill Master, or using an Auctionator addon Snatch List. Both those things can be found by googling, again I won't insult your intelligence.
  • Takeaway for today: Don't follow the herd, follow the buyer.
  • That's how a pro farms.
  • So here's today's reading list on farming like a pro
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    June 2015
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    March 2015
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Feb 2018
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    May 2017
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    Nov 2016
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    Full section on Farming.
  • Addons to check out today
  • Handynotes & HandyNotes: Lost and Found (Pandaria Treasures) & HandyNotes_Vendors
    Gathermate2 or Gatherer for farming old world ore/herbs

Week 5

  • How to set up your addons to make gold automatically.
  • Let's jump straight in, and get this right out in the open. Trade Skill Master is awesome. It is amazing. With TSM4 you can do amazing things.
  • If you are intimidated by TSM4, don't worry, because it is still possible to do amazing things without TSM. Auctionator and Auctioneer still work. If you really can't bear to set up TSM, you can still use the older addons. Imagine yourself riding along the path on a donkey. You're faster than the guys walking, and your feet aren't getting tired. But them someone comes along on a racehorse, using TSM. Still prefer the donkey?
  • So lets push past onwards with TSM. What the hell is it?
  • The first part of TSM that few guides seem to pass on is setting up the desktop app. This is a little program that sits on your pc, and regularly feeds data to your in-game addon. For you, this means two things: not having to scan the auction house/s, and for premium users you are also fed a live
  • Snatch List of great deals. Items that TSM finds on the AH that are posted for much less than it thinks they are worth. They're not must-buys, but they are definitely must-look-ats. Set up your desktop app by creating an account at

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    and letting TSM know which realms you want the data fed to you.
  • TSM works by giving sets of instructions (that you write) to one item or more at a time.
  • Say you wanted to always sell [Mug of Gold] for max of 100g, but you know it would vendor for 10g, so you don't want to go lower than about 20g.
  • You set up a group, call the group something memorable, and put the Mug into the group. Then you add an auctioning operation. That's just like an instruction or set of instructions. And you write the instruction to say “max 100g, min 20g, post for 48 hrs each time, and only post 2 of the mugs at once”. Now imagine you have 10 other mugs of various colours but you also want to sell them with the same rules. Add the other mugs into the group you made, and TSM will apply the rules to all those mugs too. Extrapolate this further, to make it 1000 mugs. Or further, to 1000 pieces of transmog gear. Or to 2000 different glyphs. And that's how TSM can automate your sales.
  • TSM can also automate your buying, but this time you add a shopping operation to the group, not an auctioning operation. Maybe you want to buy all Mugs of all colours that are posted on the AH for under 30g. Now you have a buy-low-sell-high mug group.
  • TSM can do lots of other complicated things, like vendoring your auctions after they expire n number of times, or giving you a list of your sales this month, filtered by each group that you have created and made.
  • Even if you don't have a character with the inscription profession, I would like you to read through my glyph making guide. It shows you things like creating a group, adding operations, feeling comfortable with the TSM layout. The other guide to read is my one-woman campaign to make sure you never vendor your greenies (uncommon armor/weapons), by selling the items in the AH instead. I even show you how to vendor or disenchant them (eventually) after you've tried to sell them a few times. These two guides together should give you enough confidence to break out on your own and start looking at youtube guides and researching TSM.
  • Takeaway: Remember, take baby steps, and you can master this monster.
  • Reading list
  • Inscription guide
  • Please login or register to see this link.

  • Read parts 1-5
  • Garrison salvage yard guide. No, you can't get 'greenies' from the Salvage Yard, anymore.* Use this guide to work out what to do with *any* greenies that you're tempted to vendor.
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Summer 2015
  • Read parts 1&2
  • Vendoring guide
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Sept 2015
  • TSM great deals page
  • Please login or register to see this link.

  • Feeling Brave?
  • Here's my TSM3 Guide List.* You can find more about TSM4 by searching “tsm4” on

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  • Please login or register to see this link.

Week 6

  • Which professions are the best, and how to use yours best.
  • I love professions. You take something, you do an action to it, which makes it more valueable. Adding value, they call it. What's not to love?
  • Well, there's the whole question of which profession/s, and which items to make, and where to get the raw materials, and how to sell them and to who, after you've made them.
  • Wowuction website has a lovely global list of which professions are currently selling the best in the auction house. Take their numbers with a small pinch of salt, because if you were to acquire lots of [Exotic leather] and craft misthide leggings for vendoring, then this would not show up in the AH stats. If you ran Bastion of Twilight, and used the cloth to craft Deathsilk Cowls which you then disenchanted and sold on the AH as either raw dust or enchanted scrolls, it would show up as 'enchanting' rather than 'tailoring'. That said, it's a good indicator of what is moving on the auction house and where you might prefer to concentrate your crafting energies.
  • Alchemy is currently showing as one of the lowest grossing professions- at time of writing, May 2018.* So why am I recommending you read a 2015 guide on Inscription? Because once you have set up TSM for one profession, you will be able to set it up for all professions. Just do the same thing. Once you're set up, you don't need to do much work except for refilling your stock from time to time when the materials (herbs, ore, leather, etc) prices are low.
  • I don't advise changing your professions to fit in with the latest ideas and gold making trends. Trends come and go. Each time you learn a recipe/pattern, you are investing in yourself, increasing your abilities, adding a new way to make gold. Low level crafted items do sell. Barbaric leather vest, mechanical squirrel, rich purple silk shirt, chocolate cookie, crusader enchant are all items that come off the top of my head.
  • If you're still hesitant with making gold with your current professions, then start with fishing and cooking as learner professions. Work out which are the most profitable fish to gather. And work out which of your cooking recipes are profitable. Cooking is a great way to learn how to watch items on the AH over time. Are chocolate cookies selling today? What competitors are there? Who buys them and why? If you craft too many, what happens to the price, and how do your competitors react? It's better to make mistakes like this on something like cooking where you will lose tens rather than thousands of gold when you make a mistake.
    Using your basic cooking skill like this will allow you to then multiply this method and apply it to your main professions. Which tailoring gloves are in demand? When does the price go up and down? Does it matter what stats are on the gloves? Who are the buyers, are they just for transmog or are they selling for the stats?
  • You have TSM installed and your TSM desktop app is pulling price information down from the WoW servers for you, so when you open your professions, you can sort the price column by “profitable” and see instantly which items sell for more than their materials cost.
  • The great thing about using your professions to craft is that you can see which of the materials needed are priced well or which are overpriced and can therefore be farmed and sold for profit. I found lots of great items this way, such as Primal Air (see reading list)
  • If an item shows as not profitable, don't instantly dismiss it. There is always shuffling. Shuffling is simply crafting one thing into another, then into another, adding value each time, until you have something worth a lot more than you started with. This was once the best way to make gold, prospecting ore, crafting jewellery, then disenchanting it. It's not the best way anymore, but who knows what the future could bring.
  • So here's today's reading list on professions.
  • Please login or register to see this link.

  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Sept 2015
  • Find your professions on my website under the “professions” menu.
  • Please login or register to see this link.

  • Challenge
  • Cook some things. Experiment on the AH. Make mistakes.

Week 7

  • Does Buy Low Sell High Work?
  • Flipping basically means buying something and reselling it for profit.
  • It is obvious that you must sell for more than you pay. But what amount is “low” and what amount is “high”?
  • Your aim is to get the most out of every item that you put on the AH.
  • Two parts: trying to get good deals, buying low, and trying to get the maximum price, sell high.
  • Buy low
  • Some gold makers prefer to say “buy low, sell at market price” and rely on their ability to find under valued items.
  • Only once you know the hidden real value of an item, can you look for undervalued goods.
  • Sell High
  • Pricing is the most important part of selling an item. Too low, and you feel bad for missing out on gold, and you can bring down the average server price. Too high, and you don't get a sale at all, and waste your 5% AH deposit. You need to know the right price, before you can decide what is “buy low, sell high”.
  • Most prices go up and down over time. By checking Undermine Journal you can work out when.
  • If you also follow the prices by regularly selling and watching the number of competitors, the supply, the demand, and the spread of prices, you will get to know not just basic prices for the item but the maximum people will pay. You'll start to spot patterns.
  • Putting it together
  • To find the real value you have to bear in mind:
    the item's previous performance
  • any change in supply
  • any change in demand
  • any change in competing items 
  • You can get the item's performance either from your memory, or from a site like the Undermine Journal Example

    Please login or register to see this link.

  • You can find the change in supply by watching the market on your auction house, seeing how many of the item (eg Vial of the Sands) or item type (eg flask for raiding) are available. Keep your eye out on blogs, reddit, warcraft websites like wowhead or mmochampion for news that might affect this item/type of item.
  • It works the same way for demand, but you can also check with friends and guildies, what are they needing or wanting right now?
  • Keep one eye always on the news to look for changes in competing items. No point crafting gear if a whole new set of gear will soon be released that has better stats and everyone will want instead of the current armor. 
  • Buy Low, Close the Gap
  • To start you off with buy low sell high, prtactice with “buy low, close the gap”.
  • Example
  • “Hat” prices
  • 30g
  • 80g
  • 100g
  • 110g
  • 120g
  • 121g
  • An experienced gold maker who has spent time watching “Hat” will know that the highest price that it will sell is, say, 500g each, and that you can consistently sell it for 100-120g perhaps it can be disenchanted into dust that is worth 120g. A newcomer to this item can still buy low sell higher by buying that 30g hat and reposting it for 80g, and getting themselves 50g. You don't gain a whole load of gold but you do gain experience with the item, near-guaranteed sale, confidence to try next time for a 100g sale, and gold in your pocket with which you can buy a new item, and flip for more profit.
  • Warning about Buying Too Much
    Botting Farmers are attracted by high demand. If something is easy to farm, the bots will try and farm it. And if you are buying their stock in order to resell, they will simply farm more and flood the market.
  • So here's today's reading list on pricing.
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    Nov 2011
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    April 2015
  • Please login or register to see this link.

    July 2011
  • Thought for the week:
  • Gold making is a combination of working hard, and getting lucky. The harder you work, the luckier you will get.

Week 8

  • Today we're going to look at the long tail economy of World of Warcraft, what is means, and how you can benefit from it.
  • How to manipulate the long tail of the Warcraft economy and cash in on thousands of low prices items in vast quantities.
    80% of your sales will come from 20% of your items.
  • The remaining 80% of items are your long tail.
  • They are slow sellers, low number of buyers, but can sell for high prices.
  • They are the unusual items, such as
  • * Swollen Murloc Egg
  • * Huge Ogre Cache
  • * and unusual transmog and twinking items found in your farming runs.
  • They're not items that you would normally look for in your everyday flipping (buy low, sell high) of trade goods.
  • Long Tail items are plentiful. Their value is not immediately apparent. They are not universally sought after. You may have to post them several times in order to find the right buyer. Or you may have to post them at a low price.
  • The Big Ticket Seller thinks “what can I get cheaply, sell fast, and make a huge profit?” 
  • The Long Tail Seller thinks “what can I get really cheap, that people will need, and no one else will be selling?”
  • So here's today's reading list on long tail items
  • Please login or register to see this link.


    Please login or register to see this link.

    March 2011

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Oct 2012

Week 9

  • What's the Point of a Daily Routine?
  • If you signed up to receive my blog-by-email updates, then you will have received a free Daily Cheat Sheet. Kind of a strange thing to give away, a to-do list. It is, however, essential, because gold making is complicated. Anyone tells you it's simple is doing it wrong. Your cheat sheet, your to- do list, will help you remember to do all the tasks that you need to do daily, until they become automatic.
  • Learning a habit:
  • You probably already check your mail in the morning, and check your missions. But did you remember to check your professions, to check your snatch list on the Auction House. Did you look for Blingtron, or check whether your stocks of herbs or ore are running low?
  • The other good habit that I try and inspire is to carve up your day into 15 minute ¼ hour slices of time. After 15 minutes work, whether that be garrison management, auction house surveying or grinding mobs or doing quests, then give yourself a reward. Anything that makes you feel happy to continue is ok, either IRL or in game.
  • Once it becomes a habit, you don't have to worry about remembering it anymore. Of course, you have to be aware that as each patch and then expansion releases, then the items in your daily to-do list will change. It wasn't so long ago that we were all crafting 3 Zephyrites for our Jewelcrafting dailies. In 2018 we're managing our alt's missions, and already bored with them, because there is little variation in the missions once it has been clicked.
  • Challenge
  • There is no reading list for the subject of Daily Routines. Instead I would like you to look out a copy of your old Daily Cheat Sheet or handmade To Do List and to edit it so that it now gives you a reminder of your daily chores but also offers opportunities for you to grow and challenge yourself. For example, you could schedule 15 minutes to scan the Auction House for snatch list items, or 2 x 15 minute slots to look into an addon that you are having trouble with (hello, TSM!), or if you find that your daily routine has become too fast paced then schedule 15 minutes of fishing and force yourself to slow down. The Pandaren would certainly approve.

Week 10

  • How to steadily, and gently slaughter your AH competitors.
  • Before we get really deep into this subject, I would like you to take 2 minutes and imagine a server where you have destroyed all competition, utterly. There is no one else on the auction house. You have all the gold on the server. No one else sells. No one else can afford to buy. Players log on, but then they keep away from the auction house which you own, there is no competition, there is no fun, there is no one to play with. You won.
  • Sounds like a dream until you realise how completely boring it would be without competitors, buyers, customer, sellers, how worthless. I have not been in this position, but I have owned ¼ of the Auction House assets. I've also witnessed a server slowly die, as I owned all crafting markets, and the service markets, leaving only the gathering/farming markets to competitors. It was really fun. But only at first.
  • That's the reason I now loudly teach how important it is to look after your competitors, to keep your competitors as happy as your buyers, so keep your economy booming. After all, today's competitors is tomorrow's buyer.
    Perhaps I was disingenuous when I said slaughter your competition. We need them to stay alive. We need them to have healthy bank balances, lively gathering, lively growth. We need buyers that don't blink at spending a little extra on your items.
  • That said, we don't get rich by giving all our gold away to our competitors! So here are the methods you need to compete in the auction house.
  • Know the price of the item. We already covered pricing, and finding out its true value, its lower limit, and estimating how it will react to supply, demand, changes by blizzard, and competing items. 
  • You competitors are the ones with the supply, so they will affect the pricing just as much as your buyers.
    Flooding: Its a no-no. This is filling the AH with items that you just want to get rid of. Problem is, it makes the supply look huge, and drags the price straight down until the profit is negligible.
  • Walling. When you post a medium number of items at a much lower price, still profitable, with the aim to drive a competitor out of the market. Your competitior might think it is a flood, and send you angry letters. Or he might try and undercut you, in which case you re-wall at a lower price. Or you might simply inspire him to try another market.
    Undercutting: the meat and potatoes, the everyday work of the Auction House pvper. Traditional form is to undercut by one copper, or 1%. Driving down the price is unnecessary.
  • I suggest if you want to remove a competitor entirely, that you do leave him a little wiggle room, and that you only play hardball when its warranted.
  • Never ever tell others your techniques and methods. You will only annoy people, bore people, make them think you are arrogant, destroy your reputation, and gain new competitors.
  • Try and take your emotions out of the game. Instead of allowing yourself to feel frustrated or angry, if you are undercut immediately, work out who it is, write down their name, LOG OFF, log on an alt, and watch that player with your alt until they leave. Then you can go back and undercut him.
  • Be open and upfront with your guildies. Learn if there is a guild rule about whitelisting (not undercutting) each other, or if there are markets that are “reserved” for officers or any other unusual rules. Do not be afraid to say assertively that you want to be in the market too and would like your fair share. Remember that guilds fall apart, and your dear friend today could be a mean competitor tomorrow if you share all your secrets, so stay vague when questioned. Alternatively you could decide to roll your eyes at all this etiquette and post to AH with an alt whose name they do not know.
  • The worst mistake is to think you must immediately and savagely destroy your competitors face to face. This is not how wars are fought in history. So cut off his supplier, poach his buyers in trade chat, buy all his materials and force his prices up, or simply work on another market until his attention moves away.
  • It's a mistake to get into accelerating undercut battles with competitors. It puts you on their friends list, wastes your gold in lost deposits, and slows down your gold per hour. Instead, do something that makes gold.
    Sometimes all that you need to do to win, is work at it the hardest and the longest, and have the most stamina.
  • So here's today's reading list on competition.

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Jan 2012

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Jun 2012

    Please login or register to see this link.

    May 2015

    Please login or register to see this link.

    March 2014
    And my series on gold making ethics written May 2018:

    Please login or register to see this link.

  • If you have a level 1 bank alt, delete it. No, I'm not kidding.
  • Make a new level 1 bank alt, or better yet, several level 30-90ish alts, park them all in different guilds to throw competitors off your scent. Make an account on wowprogress.com and hide your alts.

Week 11

  • In the last email, we looked at dealing with competitors, Auction House pvp, undercutting, and when to surrender one battle to win the war. Today we're going to look at how the secret of future gold lies in the past. It's a quick one this week, because there is more practical work than theory/reading.
  • How the secret of future gold lies in the past
  • Let's jump straight into the old raids that you can farm to make gold.
  • Cataclysm raids, under an hour each. 25 man heroic. 25H gives 125g per boss. 10N, 10H and 25N gives 25g per boss
  • Firelands. 1,500g-2000g
  • Blackwing Descent, 1000g-1200g
  • Throne of Four Winds 300-500g (don't bother unless you want the mount!)
  • Dragon Soul 1000-1500g
  • Bastion of Twilight 1200-1500g
  • These figures are boss gold drops, vendoring BoP boss drops, and attempting to auction other drops.
  • There are more old raids, and dungeons, of course, that are farmable. The Cataclysm ones just happen to have more insta-gold than the others.
  • Look into farming AQ20, Zul Farak, Blackwing Lair, Sunwell for auctionable drops, patterns, raw materials, and disenchantables. Heart of Fear in Pandaria is nice for Spirit of Harmony. Ruby Sanctum in Northrend is great for Borean Leather.
  • Challenge
  • Remember to add in your professions (see week 6) to try and turn raw materials into more valuable items for sale.
  • Go back to week 9 and look at your daily routine. Can you work these raids into a weekly routine?
  • Reading List

    Please login or register to see this link.

    July 2011

    Please login or register to see this link.

    March 2012

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Sept 2011

    Please login or register to see this link.

    November 2015

Week 12

  • In the last email, we looked at old raids, running old content for gold, and making the best use of the items that drop. Combined with your new knowledge about AH pvp (week 10) and your understanding of how to price items (week 7) and your budding knowledge of TSM (week 5), you will be able to sell the drops in the Auction House for more than other players. Today we're going to look at a special sub-set of items, the transmogrification market.
    WTF is transmog?
  • Low level common (green) items that can be used by buyers to transmogrify and change the looks of their current armor are called mog or transmog items for short.
  • There is a lot of controversy about transmog items because some players have made millions of gold selling them.
  • This goes back to week 7 of the course (buy low, sell high) where we talked about finding the real value of an item.
  • Transmog sellers profit from acquiring the transmog items at a low price, because the sellers don't know the real value, and are selling it based on its value as a green common armor item for use by a low level player. The profit comes from the difference between this low price, and reselling the item at the true value.
  • This is how transmog worked when it first came out, and sellers who understood this could get very rich very quickly.
  • Things have changed now, with much more awareness of the value of the item (raising the value
  • Farming Transmog
  • Farming transmog is viable, but you need to be aware that nothing you have farmed is sold yet. It's potential sales, and is worth nothing if you can't sell it. It feels like an asset, but it's not an asset until you put it on the AH. Until then, it is a liability, it's time wasted picking it up from the AH. It's storage wasted in banks and mailboxes. You need to get it on the AH at a competitive price, and you need to learn more AH pvp tactics, make more mistakes, and refine your techniques. Remember your buy-low sell-high lessons and about the real prices of items. You can find lots of transmog farming spots by googling and youtubing. Try AQ20, BWL, ZF, Blasted Lands rares, and Sunwell.
  • Roleplaying Server Myth
  • It's a half-truth that RP servers sell more transmog items. Research shows that RP players transmog more or less the same as opther realms. The difference in the sales comes from players buying old greens to wear for RP. These players have been buying these for years before transmog was introduced, so it is a more mature “transmog-style” market. You can't cut-n-paste transmog prices from a PVE economy, because there are other items to add such as shirts, grey items (yes, really!) off hands and such that would not normally sell on a PVE server. Keep this in mind before mindlessly cut-n-pasting.* Keep in mind that not everyone understands RP servers and they simply think they're a gold mine and flood the market!
  • So here's today's reading list on transmog snatch list.
  • Today we have the full transmog snatch list

    Please login or register to see this link.

    (march 2015)
    The latest transmog snatch list* is attached!

    Please login or register to see this link.

    July 2015
  • Challenge
  • Gather fifty transmog items worth over 500g each, but you must only pay 200g or less, and farming is allowed but keep an eye on how much time you waste there.
    Remembering what you learned about TSM have a go at using the Snatch List to shop for underpriced mog items in the AH.

Week 13

  • In the last email, we looked transmogging, I debunked the RP mog myth, and I gave you my full TSM import string for mog groups. Then I challenged you start integrating mogging sales into your daily routine. Today we're at the last email in the course! Congratulations you made it through to week 13.
  • We looked at diversity, synergy, farming, crafting, addons, garrisons, auction house pvp, and how to use your competitors to your best advantage. You've done your own research, and you have enough basic knowledge to provide a complete foundation to gold making. Where you take this from here depends on your server, your enthusiasm and your determination.
  • Today's last part of the email course will be looking at how to make sure your customers come back time and again.
  • Donations are always appreciated and welcomed! Gold queens have to pay their bills too.
  • How to make sure your customers come back time and again
  • You've got the best item on the AH, the cheapest price, at the best time, in a market that your competitors have either left, are fairly sharing, or just don't know about yet. You made a sale! How do you make sure your buyers choose you when they want to buy the next item.
  • Your reputation is not as important as it used to be. In the days before realm transfers, once your reputation was gone, your character was worthless. Now, with addons, you don't always see the name of your supplier when you buy something from the AH.
  • But when someone rips you off, scams you, uses bait-and-switch techniques (google it!) to lure you into making wrong purchases, or forms a cartel to force you out the market, then you take notice of the name/s and that player will lose their good reputation.
  • A bad reputation is one thing that makes players hesitate before they trade with you. Some hunter ganked and camped you, sitting on you corpse's face for an hour? It's less likely you will want to give him 1000g for an item, if you could also buy it for 1010g from someone else.
  • Your reputation is not something you can buy back once you've broken it.
  • So here's today's reading list on reputation

    Please login or register to see this link.

    May 2011

    Please login or register to see this link.

    June 2011
  • Challenge
  • This week's challenge is to stop and decide your ethics on the whole gold making thing. Whether you consider resell items for more as unethical, or perhaps you see begging or duelling for gold as perfectly acceptable. Whatever your choice, make sure it's a thoughtful, mindful choice.
  • Next in the series:
  • So I will leave you with a direct quote from one of my old website quotes:
  • Enjoy yourself. I had a private conversation with another player, complete stranger, during the* podcasted meeting on Friday. He was asking for ways to make money and gave me all his statistics, professions, and the more I asked him, the more I got the impression that he just was not enjoying himself. For goodness sake, people, you PAY to play this game. It’s not a job! Don’t look at the other guys with loads of gold and think that you’re a failure in comparison and that you MUST do this that and the other to be taken seriously as a gold maker.
  • Do what you love, the rest will fit in somehow, somewhere.


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