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  3. windows said it was unsafe, but after i did all of that, it works just fine, doesn't look like a keylogger to me
  4. Cannot comment on the rest. But there are many "free downloads that are a scam". They contain viruses, do not work, have to pay to use it and more. But the actual post. Confused why they call it a scam and then add the discord link to the official one.
  5. Both are working, neither are scam, should i paste source instead of archive? How is the free download a scam? You are mad you are scamming users with autohotkey scripts that are not safe.
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  7. Billis Custom Sources: added
  8. banned!!! 4 times dont says no ban if u dont have proof for this!!!! qokaine
  9. this version does not work and will not work and everyone who downloads it can say goodbye to the data on the computer ... just warn
  10. its scam...... here u go guys
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  12. Zygor Classic | November 11th, 2021 | Release: 1.1.25945 Zygor Retail | November 15th, 2021 | Release 8.1.25945
  13. Any chance to get the source of it? I can compile anything, kinda scared to run some exe ;]
  15. "best prices" Lmao, that's funny
  16. Zygor Retail | November 15th, 2021 | Release 8.1.25921
  17. Yea when people help and not keep on asking
  18. Any chances on SoM Rested Exp update?
  19. Earlier
  20. Thank you so much
  21. Some fixes have been made to this post if have any issue credits to @WhiteCat
  22. This one has seem to been improving, and as well bypasses teleport animation with packets
  23. Zygor Classic | November 11th, 2021 | Release: 1.1.25908 Zygor Classic TBC | November 11th, 2021 | Release:2.1.25908
  24. Zygor Classic | November 9th, 2021 | Release: 1.1.25884 Zygor Classic TBC | November 10th, 2021 | Release:2.1.25897
  25. Invite invalid again
  26. This program reads the status of your life and your maximum life from game mem and then calculates your current %-life. You can enter a %-value. If your %-life is below that, the game will be closed in an instant. The tool auto-detects whether you have diablo 2 resurrected open, are in a game or not in a game. Because it reads from memory, this will also work while you are in a loading screen. So no more deaths while a waypoint is in loading screen or entering duriels room. Very useful for hardcore players. Download:
  27. I came across this macro script and thought it was pretty convenient seeing how controller players have the advantage currently with having multiple abilities already set to hot keys. This macro script makes it easy to swap and buff and also cast various spells lightning quick with keyboard shortcuts as they are hotmapped. It is of course open source AHK script makes it convenient for users who may have: physical disabilities or lack of movement in hand those easily susceptible to carpal tunnel players wanting to play diablo with a bit of an advantage like a controller would have This does not inject to game or configure any game files, it only copies your keyboard like a macro should Features as included All actions reduced to 1 button: Casting on cursor (left or right slot) Auto move & attack All in one Swap, buff and swap back Casting can alert you when buffs end with a sound effect as well! Configure & download:
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