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Found 6 results

  1. [PQR 3.3.5 - Translated Profiles] for level 80 only I spent some time translating pqr profiles (for 3.3.5) to use them with an english version of wow. I tested all profiles in this download (for 3.3.5), on an privat server from "Ac-Web Repack V-0.7 64bit", because i don't have all classes on warmane. Download: Download Profiles only: Virustotal: Virustotal Profiles only: Profiles in this download for 3.3.5: [PQR 4.3.4 - Profiles] better be level 85 to have no problems I don't tested all these profiles but they should work on 4.3.4 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: Profiles in this download for 4.3.4: [PQR 5.4.8 - Profiles] better be level 90 to have no problems, only 32-bit I don't tested these profiles but they should work on 5.4.8 servers. Download: Download Profiles & Data only: Download PQInterface AddOn: Copy the "PQRInterface" folder into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\..." Virustotal: Virustoral Profiles & Data only: Virustotal PQInterface AddOn: If you play on PandaWOW: Profiles in this download for 5.4.8: If you find more profiles or a profile that is not working you can post it and i can edit the topic for further visitors.
  2. Hello fellow Wrath of the Lich King botters of our WoW Bot community. This version of Honorbuddy WoW Bot for WOTLK (wrath of the lich king patch) has been modified to give you the smoothest ease of use with setup. Simple to connect & the meshes download automatically and quick. New Honor Buddy Patcher updated for Windows 10. (avoid crashes/bugs) Fixed the CanSkin() bug/loop that causes the WOTLK Honorbuddy version to stop. Meshes are served from our server, no need to setup a webserver anymore! This saves you a big headache and will have you automating leveling on Wrath of the Lich King with this WoW bot in no time. Changelog Update 4 (19-05-21) Fixed: WOTLK Honorbuddy can Skin mobs again. Update 3 (20-4-21) Added Apoc Refreshment plugin as default plugin. Update 2 (26-3-21) -Fixed shaman and druid CC. -Add Gatherbuddy for WOTLK. -Generates 200 new meshes for BC. You have to download honorbuddy again if you have the older version. Our WoW Bot known as Honorbuddy is only availavle for VIP members. This version is Plug & Play, very simple usage. No need for downloading mesh files or other kind of difficult configuration that is why you are going to enjoy this lich king bot very much due to how simple we made it.. Meshes are streamed from our server and there is no latency issues. Download the wow bot wherever you want to your PC: link Only available for VIP Members to obtain VIP you can donate here: VIP is 15$ and lasts 45 days VIP lifetime is 100$ unlimited days. More information:
  3. Launch wow with the CDPatcher login to game and launch Gatherbuddy, Enjoy! -Cat CDHB Patcher 335 Win10 Support(1).zip GB
  4. Greetings guys, I've found full meshes for Wrobot 3.3.5a in case somebody of you have cracked version of Wrobot for 3.3.5a wow. As I said, I am talking about Cracked version not retail official one. I would like to see someone have cracked version of this software, I'll copy paste links from official web sites: First link is wrobot beta version that needs to be cracked somehow, 2nd link is full meshes for that wrobot version. Hope to see this thread a live because Honorbuddy meshes for 3.3.5a are so crap to work in any BG. Best Regards!
  5. hello pls if any one have PQR blood dps pve (3.3.5) replay me. peace n love
  6. First of all im using old 3.3.5a version od WoW on a private server so maybe this itself is a problem. Everytime i got message : "We couldn't find a free WoW process to attach. Please make certain your toon is standing in game world and you are running latest version of Honorbuddy."