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Found 101 results

  1. FAQ: §0 Do I need VIP status to use CodeDeception? No. Anything offered here that's not member contributed to the community (so any of the official releases) are completely free, VIP is merely a way to support what we do here, and in return for supporting us we give you the VIP status with a nice green name. §1 How to become VIP? §2 What is CodeDeception? CD provides a service to use some buddy products for free. That means you do not have to spent any money at all. CD cracks buddy products, like Honorbuddy (all things in the Honorbuddy Store, too), Hearthbuddy, etc. §3 Which products are currently working? You can check here: It could take some time to crack a new version for the buddy products. So please be patient, because the developers are doing this all for free and have other things to do in their life as well. But usually they crack things pretty fast. §4 How to use Honorbuddy, Hearthbuddy and other buddy products? 1. Download them from here: # Note: If you are from Germany, use a proxy to download the non-german version of honorbuddy. 2. Make sure you have all dependencies that the buddy product needs like .NET Framework 4 and Visual C++ 3. Download CDAuth from here: 4. Start CDPatcher as Admin (It will rename itself with random strings for safety measures) . 5. Use VIP Auth. Do not close CDPatcher. - 6. Start the buddy product, if it asks for your authentication key, enter your key from here: addition stuff for Honorbuddy: 7. For plugins, profiles, routines and botbases in the Honorbuddy Store go to and enable the products which you want. You have to restart Honorbuddy to get the new products. If you have any request for the buddy store, go here: §5 Something does not work. Use the help and support section: Please provide a .log, describe exactly your problem and what you already have tried to solve it by yourself.
  2. Please follow the steps below carefully in order to make it work without any mistakes: Download -->> Honorbuddy (Local Authentication Servers) <<-- for the 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) Download -->> CodeDeception Auth <<-- for the 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) ONLY Download required Mesh ( Click here for the Guide) Make sure You are logged on Your character Launch the HBCD_Auth Start Your HonorBuddy Enjoy !! Updates: **Updates and Patches for the Honorbuddy comming soon 26/5/2015: IF I GET ENOUGH REQUESTS, I WILL UPDATE THE 4.3.4 HONORBUDDY WITH TO A NEW VERSION 14/7/2014: Fixed the problem with authenticating. Download of both HB and the Auth Packages are REQUIRED. 5/7/2014: Updated with CodeDeception Local Servers ! 17/7/2013: Recently, many people complained about the "Authentication Failed" problems. For the ones encountering that problem, I am releasing a version of Honorbuddy which connects to the backup servers. 7/6/2013: The authentication servers have been updated. They no longer request Your username and password. Instead, You use the authentication key only which is obtained at the CMAUTH website. USE WITH PRECAUTION. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
  3. Hello guys, it is possible to prevent honorbuddy(BG buddy botbase) from interacting with a flag in a battleground (for example: Arathi Basin)? Maybe by using a plugin or deleting some code? Thank you for any help!
  4. CDPatcher for HB Download = Get your login key here = Welcome to the CDPatcher download! In this post you will find the required information in order to run HB on your system. Before going on how to download and run HB I ask you nicely to go and read our forum rules so no misunderstandings will occur later on when you're using the forum. http://codedeception...les/#entry17263 There will be a few requirements on your end in order to get it all working. In order to connect to our servers you firstly need to download the application called CDPatcher, you can find the download link on the auth page, and then simply clicking on the Download button. If the page loads and looks like strange numbers and characters please right click and press "Save Page As". If the file you downloaded ends with .Man just rename it to .rar and you can open it. The CDpatcher does NOT work on Windows XP, so you need a system with Windows Vista or higher. Once you've downloaded the CD patcher you can now get the latest version of HB from Here download the ZIP, NOT the installer. If you are from Germany or China you have to use and select Web Proxy and then enter alternative use this link! Now you can go and grab your personal authentication key from the auth page http://codedeception...ex.php/main/key You simply hover the input box and your key will appear, now copy this key. Note that this key will always work and if it does not work for you it's something on your end causing it to not work. Now that you have the CD patcher and HonorBuddy downloaded you can now go a head and start the CD patcher first and select a server. If you're a VIP user you can select the Use VIP Auth or if you're a normal member you can select the Use Public Auth. Now you can go a head and start HB, if your HB does not start or crashes it might be due to your computer missing some important applications that HB needs to run, you can download the installer for these programs Here. Now you simply enter the key that you got from the auth page and you should now be able to login. If you are getting something like "You are not authorized to connect to this server" or "Invalid product key" it might be due to you're having a loopback adapter enabled on your system or that you may have old HB IPs in the Windows Hosts file. The Windows Hosts file can be located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Open the hosts file with your favorite text editor and see if there's something in there that looks like - just delete all those lines and keep the hosts file empty (unless you're using it for something else). If you're still not able to connect make sure that you do not have two CM patcher's running or one "original HB" running in the background not doing anything. Please download this tool: ...and run this with Windows administrative privileges: Right-click on the icon → "Run as administrator" Kind regards
  5. Hello, i am still having problems with honorbuddy. I have done everything that is stated in the tutorial. Use the auth, edit hosts file, wow in 32bit, dx9 (did I miss anything?) I start up WoW and log in at my char, then start up HB. It asks for login and I can enter anything I want, and it logs in. Then I get this in HB: Can anyone help me? I got these folders Cdpatch is the thing with cdpatcher on vip, but i never get asked to enter a password. Should I use the honorbuddy from the actual site or this cracked version? Thanks in advance
  6. Please follow the steps below carefully in order to make it work without any mistakes: Download -->> HBRelog <<-- for 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) & Honorbuddy 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) After extracting and placing the folder, the new folder should be found here: ​​->> ->>path://CMHonorbuddy434/Bots/HBRelog/​ Start HBRelog Make sure You change the "BattleNet" to the account name in the Account Tab because it may try to update Your WoW. Happy botting!! Features Automatically logs into wow and starts up HonorbuddyOptions to choose bot,profile and CustomClassBuildin WoW and Honorbuddy crash detectionAutomatically scans for offsets whenever Wow updatesUses lua to login game so it can work in the background (hook is removed and overridden with original bytes before character is finished loading)WoW Window re-size and placementSchedulingWorks with character names that contain cyrillic lettersWorks alongside with LowerPing and other similar programs. Account Tab Profile Name - This can be anything, preferably something relevant and easy to remember. This will be used in log files. BattleNet - This is your battlenet email address Account Name - This is the name of the wow account. e.g WoW1. If you only have one account attached to your Battlenet account then you can leave this blank Password - obvious.. this is your wow password. (this is encrypted when saved locally as well as the battleNet email) Character - this is the name of your WoW Character Server - Name of the server/realm that your character is located on Region - The region your Wow account is located in. WoW Path - The path to Wow.exe. click the '...' button on the right to browse to it. Bot Tab Custom Class - The name of the CustomClass that you want to use e.g. Singular (optional) Bot - The name of the bot that you want to use e.g. ProfessionBuddy (optional) Profile Path - the path to a Honorbuddy/Professionbuddy profile that you want to use. (optional) Honorbuddy Path - Path to your honorbuddy.exe file (it can be renamed) DO NOT EDIT THE PLUGIN FILES, OTHERWISE IT MAY CAUSE A PATCH UP OF EITHER THE HONORBUDDY OR WOW. USE WITH PRECAUTION. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for a CC pack that works with Deathburn's 4.3.4 HB something like TuanHA for all classes or something equivalent to it, and also botbases like Lazyraider or Tyrael for HB 4.3.4. I can't seem to find anything anywhere. I just want some packs for Pvp (bgs, arenas, duels). I would greatly appreciate it...
  8. Greetings guys, I've found full meshes for Wrobot 3.3.5a in case somebody of you have cracked version of Wrobot for 3.3.5a wow. As I said, I am talking about Cracked version not retail official one. I would like to see someone have cracked version of this software, I'll copy paste links from official web sites: First link is wrobot beta version that needs to be cracked somehow, 2nd link is full meshes for that wrobot version. Hope to see this thread a live because Honorbuddy meshes for 3.3.5a are so crap to work in any BG. Best Regards!
  9. Hi all, I'm having an issue currently with honorbuddy cracked for 3.3.5. Up until now, 1-25 was fine, and running Kick's auto loader it starts but my character won't move? I've tried searching but can't find a solution! would one of you mind looking at my log to offer any insight? I'd appreciate it immensely! thanks guys! Log------- [6:27:57 PM:754] Log file path: C:\xampp\htdocs\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Logs\5-8-2018_6_27 PM Log.txt [6:27:57 PM:919] Attached to WoW with ID 6388 [6:27:57 PM:920] Loading Honorbuddy settings. [6:27:58 PM:68] Log file: C:\xampp\htdocs\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Logs\5-8-2018_6_27 PM Log.txt [6:27:59 PM:182] Authenticating.. [6:27:59 PM:225] Authentication successful. [6:27:59 PM:445] Building spell book [6:27:59 PM:448] Spell book built [6:27:59 PM:856] Could not compile bot from C:\xampp\htdocs\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Bots\MrFishIt [6:27:59 PM:861] File: Fisher.cs Line: 157 Error: 'Styx.Logic.Combat.SpellManager' does not contain a definition for 'Cast' File: Fisher.cs Line: 141 Error: 'Styx.WoWInternals.WoWObjects.WoWItem' does not contain a definition for 'UseContainerItem' and no extension method 'UseContainerItem' accepting a first argument of type 'Styx.WoWInternals.WoWObjects.WoWItem' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) File: Fisher.cs Line: 192 Error: 'Styx.Logic.Combat.SpellManager' does not contain a definition for 'Spells' File: Fishing.cs Line: 16 Error: 'Styx.WoWInternals.WoWObjects.LocalPlayer' does not contain a definition for 'ChanneledCastingSpellId' and no extension method 'ChanneledCastingSpellId' accepting a first argument of type 'Styx.WoWInternals.WoWObjects.LocalPlayer' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [6:27:59 PM:960] Could not compile bot from C:\xampp\htdocs\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Bots\PoolFishingBuddy [6:27:59 PM:962] File: PFBLoader.cs Line: 78 Error: 'Styx.Bot.Plugins.PFBLoader.IsPrimaryType': no suitable method found to override File: PFBLoader.cs Line: 86 Error: 'Styx.Bot.Plugins.PFBLoader.RequirementsMet': no suitable method found to override [6:27:59 PM:964] New bot added!: Combat Bot [6:27:59 PM:966] New bot added!: Grind bot [6:27:59 PM:968] New bot added!: PvP [6:28:00 PM:4] Chose Hawker's Beast Master 2.2 as your combat class! [6:28:00 PM:11] Cleared POI [6:28:00 PM:32] New bot added!: Mixed [6:28:00 PM:34] New bot added!: RaF - Combat Assist [6:28:00 PM:36] New bot added!: Questing - Beta [6:28:00 PM:58] Honorbuddy started! [6:28:00 PM:58] Using wow with process id: 6388 [6:28:00 PM:59] Platform: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 [6:28:00 PM:60] Honorbuddy executable: C:\xampp\htdocs\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Honorbuddy.exe [6:28:00 PM:63] Character is a level 25 Hunter [6:28:00 PM:65] Current zone is: The Barrens [6:28:00 PM:69] [6:28:00 PM:516] MeshesFolderPath: C:\Users\Auz\Desktop\HonorbuddyMeshes [6:28:00 PM:518] EnabledPlugins: [6:28:00 PM:519] Anti-Drown [6:28:00 PM:520] Talented [6:28:00 PM:522] FormLocationX: 468 [6:28:00 PM:523] FormLocationY: 35 [6:28:00 PM:524] UseExperimentalPathFollowing: True [6:28:00 PM:526] KillBetweenHotspots: True [6:28:00 PM:527] LogoutForInactivity: True [6:28:00 PM:529] LogoutInactivityTimer: 10 [6:28:00 PM:530] LogoutInactivityUseForceQuit: False [6:28:00 PM:531] SelectedBotIndex: 5 [6:28:00 PM:536] FoodName: 3770 [6:28:00 PM:537] DrinkName: 1205 [6:28:00 PM:539] MountName: Dire Wolf [6:28:00 PM:540] LootMobs: True [6:28:00 PM:541] SkinMobs: False [6:28:00 PM:542] NinjaSkin: False [6:28:00 PM:544] LootChests: False [6:28:00 PM:545] HarvestMinerals: False [6:28:00 PM:546] HarvestHerbs: False [6:28:00 PM:548] UseMount: False [6:28:00 PM:549] PullDistance: 30 [6:28:00 PM:550] LootRadius: 45 [6:28:00 PM:551] FindVendorsAutomatically: True [6:28:00 PM:553] TrainNewSkills: True [6:28:00 PM:554] LearnFlightPaths: True [6:28:00 PM:555] RessAtSpiritHealers: False [6:28:00 PM:568] GroundMountFarmingMode: False [6:28:00 PM:570] LastUsedPath: C:\xampp\htdocs\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Default Profiles\Kick's Compendium\Questing Profile Pack\Classic\[H - Quest] 1-58 [Kick]\[H - Quest] 1-12 Auto-Loader [Kick].xml [6:28:02 PM:960] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="Misc\ProfileCompatibilityInfo" AllowBrokenAddOns="true" AllowBrokenPlugIns="true" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:962] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="Misc\RunLua" Lua="SetCVar('AutoLootDefault', 1)" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:964] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="UserSettings" AutoEquip="true" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:965] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="EnablePlugin" Names="Anti Drown" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:967] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="EnablePlugin" Names="Questhelper - ItemForAura" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:969] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="EnablePlugin" Names="Refreshment Detection" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:987] Warning: Unknown tag "CustomBehavior" (Input: "<CustomBehavior File="UserDialog" AllowBotStop="false" SoundCue="Exclamation" SoundCueInterval="15" ExpiryTime="30" ExpiryAction="InputEnabled_Continue" Text="If this is the first time you're botting this character using Kickz, be certain to configure your toon spec, auto-equip, and talent choices in Honorbuddy.\n\nIf you have money - set food and drinks as well\n\nYou may also want to set a mail recipient! (Settings and Tools Button)" />") in "QuestOrder"! [6:28:02 PM:993] Warning: Missing attribute Code in "If". [6:28:03 PM:5] Changing current profile to [H - Quest] 1-12 Auto-Loader [Kick] ($Rev: 3162 $) [18:28:03.1729] [Navigator] Loaded new tiled mesh for map "Kalimdor". [6:28:03 PM:241] Cleared POI [18:28:03.4449] [Navigator] Loaded new tiled mesh for map "Kalimdor". [6:28:03 PM:500] Lua failed! Status: [6:28:03 PM:532] Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - From: Honorbuddy [6:28:03 PM:867] StyxWoW.AreaManager.CurrentGrindArea is null System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted. at System.RuntimeMethodHandle._InvokeMethodFast(Object target, Object[] arguments, SignatureStruct& sig, MethodAttributes methodAttributes, RuntimeTypeHandle typeOwner) at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethodFast(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, MethodAttributes methodAttributes, RuntimeTypeHandle typeOwner) at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture, Boolean skipVisibilityChecks) at System.Delegate.DynamicInvokeImpl(Object[] args) at Styx.Logic.Targeting.(Delegate e, Object[] args) System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted. at Styx.Logic.Targeting.(Delegate e, Object[] args) at Styx.Logic.Targeting.()
  10. Windows 8 does not work. Windows 10 does not tested. Steps: Important: Downloads: Big thanks to Suspense and Desconocido!
  11. As probably most of you know, the Honorbuddy for 3.3.5a is a bit strange. It often bugs out and acts wierdly after a while. So, I decided to create a program which restarts/relogs both wow and HB for you. + (Tools like Anti-AFK etc) Note: Please post below if you experience some kind of a bug and I'll try to fix it. Suggestions are also welcome! The program is called WrathBuddy and it is free. WB currently only supports HB3.3.5, but all WoW Patches. Download v2.1 Developed for Windows 7 If there's any interest in helping me develop WrathBuddy, don't hesitate to contact me! FYI, WB is written in AutoIt.
  12. Profile creator for Gatherbuddy2. How to install: Extract the archive to honorbuddy/plugins folder. How to create a profile: 1. Go to the plugin tab, select "ZapRecorder" and press the button "Show Window".2. Press "Start Recording" and move your character along your route.3. Press "Stop Recording" when finnished with your route.5. Go and stand next to a mailbox and press the "Mailbox" button, DONE!6. Go and target a vendor, and press the "Vendor button", DONE!7. Go to your blackspot, put the character in the middle, choose the raidius and press "Blackspot", DONE!8.Press "Save Profile" and the location of the new profile will appear in the log window Have fun Download !
  13. I just came back after a break and noticed this site no longer got the honorbuddy auth key thingie? Is it permanently gone or am i able to acess it if i donate? Sorry for threads regarding the same issue but i dont get it Thanks!
  14. I have been searching literally days for a working bot (any bot) for Burning Crusade 2.4.3 but I've come up empty handed. Nothing but dead links and outdated information. I've read that Honorbuddy 3.3.5 is compatible with 2.4.3, but after following sandstorms release, I still get an error: ------------------------------- You have not selected a valid instance of WoW to attach to! Please restart Honorbuddy and choose a valid WoW instance to use Honorbuddy. ------------------------------- Log file: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Logs\1-5-2016_5_50 AM Log.txt I can only assume its due to a version incompatibility. If anyone knows of a working bot (or how to fix honorbuddy) please respond, PM, etc. This game sucked away years of my life and I'd just like to cut down on how much time it sucks from me once again. Thanks!
  15. hy i wanna start botting with honorbody or wrobot i found this site maybe it could help you. do you think this profiles are good?
  16. Hello everyone, Since there wasn't any solution to the problem that occured some months before, we all tried to find another way to enjoy botting once again. Well tito38 did. But note that it doesn't work on Windows 8. First of all you will need to download some files. 1. 2. 3. necessary if you don't already have the Mesh from Deathburn's post) Then you must follow some steps in order to set it up. 1. First of all go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc then run Notepad as administrator. After that open the "hosts" file located in the "etc" folder in Notepad. Then copy the followed text at the end of the content of the file: and save it. 2. Then extract the auth folder (which you downloaded before) wherever you want to. Then copy the content of the mesh folder inside /auth/mesh/hb2 . 3. Finally you need to open Buddy_Auth.exe located in auth folder. With this opened you can run HonnorBuddy using any Username and Password you want to. 4. ENJOY! This post is dedicated to pito38 as he found the source. Hope it works for everyone.
  17. I have a 1 session lifetime honorbuddy code that i would like to trade someone for a legion key.
  18. i started using Honorbuddy ( a legit key i have from the site ) and was banned within 3 days of starting to use it (i have had a 6month ban in the past on this account so possible my account was already flagged before i even started again) i only botted few times here and there between playing myself. mainly used for herb/ore in new maps ( was no errors in logs apart from the usual known meshing error ) between the items i accumulated myself and the farming on the bot i made around 200k in 3-4 days regularly checking bot and randomizing hotspots so not the same paths all the time and i make my own paths/hotspots only someone stupid would use anything public that asking to be banned. just posting here so anyone going to get a key from Honorbuddy id say hold off for a little maybe a update/hotfix in HB ive been using bots since BC and never before have i been detected this fast. WARNING has been sent.... happy botting
  19. Hey community, i am searching for a working honorbuddy version for 5.4.8 (Pandawow) can someone help me out please ? THanx !
  20. Hey guys, I have been playing around with these for a while, but never got to share them. I am sure that alot of people already did what i did but they did not share it for some reason. THESE ROUTINES ARE NOT UPDATED TO THE LATEST REVISION, AND WILL NOT BE UPDATED AT ALL. I am simply sharing them untill HB fix their crappy Singular routines. First of all you need to modify your host file which is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc You need your host file to look like this: ________________________________________________________ WARNING - IF YOU DON'T MODIFY YOUR HOSTS FILE, THE ROUTINES WILL UPDATE AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO USE THEIR FULL FUNCTIONALITY Once that is done download the routine you wish to use, extract it and place the folder in your Honorbuddy routines Folder Example : D:\Honorbuddy\Routines LINKS: Virustotal scan is returning 1 detection out of 54 antivirus software. I am 1000% sure that the files are safe and harmless just is puting out a false alarm. The issue probably occurs from the way TuanHA communicates the username/password between the client and his database.!NsRRQQzR!qXa3likWQ2rMFpquOzX12KkuxH_DLtJi73szC4YSox4 - TuanHA Demon Hunter!5oxjGQBD!ZL11RjsbZWyGtnIBydgjliaCtzai96k-KQTBxspUpk8 - TuanHA Druid!F5gjXC7D!4xr-odmgtyk8GqM_MZd7X2yabh9u1-_sGi2ghbw1TKg - TuanHA Hunter!8hhghKZS!9rYw6khEs1tSkyEeiFZKmCajFniDUZQ_fEL45shKvoQ - TuanHA Monk!R1oCjJqR!lifeWiHDl3sLRBX1o_AgZVaW2wxaoKnEpy3L2Aw2o04 - TuanHA Paladin!9woHAYAa!jmRPoI_iPDnINWQu70nM196l3uWMgHf2gQaeP5snV20 - TuanHA Rogue!h1BEjLzQ!kFtFPJsJ0PS8Qf-aDid45_fs-za6Y_GVaSLAL5RJZxo - TuanHA Shaman!g5Q3BAbC!SMeiaJOmFNDKyD7dX3Qf1xw09xOiVUaHh1t0ge7xWB0 - TuanHA Warrior Enjoy! STAFF NOTE : Files are packed and encrypted , so complete analysis could not be done. Download at your own risk .
  21. For 4.3.4 private servers only This is the HB I use on Molten and it works great for me. This was cracked by Sercankd so he knows more about it then anyone. So please thank him for this. Still not sure why he hasn't released it here, I hope its ok that I do. (Step 1) -- Download and un-zip the Honorbuddy4.3.4 file. Its Honorbuddy and the Auth in one folder (Step 2) -- Download the HB2 Mesh file and un-zip it to Honorbuddy4.3.4/auth/Mesh (Step 3) -- Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open your Host file using Notepad and copy the three lines below and paste them into your host file at the end of the content of the file . auth3.buddyauth.com127.0.0.1 auth2.buddyauth.com127.0.0.1 Thats its go in-game and run the Auth.exe then the Honorbuddy.exe. Works the same as GTSlipknot's - Alternative Honorbuddy 4.3.4:15595 Oh BTW I have no idea how to get it working on Windows 8 so dont ask. If you ask something that you can find out by doing 5 min of searching I will not answer. I uploaded this as a request for the people unable to get other versions working properly. By now with all the other Honorbuddy cracks here im guessing you should a fairly good idea how to get this working. For people asking what is the diff between mine and who ever,, Ill say i have no idea but the fact some plugins work with mine and some dont. So im guessing if you want the plugins I post well you want this version. If you like Cm plugins use theirs. Besides that id say ask the cracker, Like i said he knows more then i do. All i do is use this version. I never used any from here. So I cant tell you why this or that plugin don't work for you. Iv had problems making plugins work for mine but I give up as soon as i know that. So asking why is pointless. I have no idea.
  22. Foxez Ram & CPU Limiter How Does It Work? Easy Drag & Drop Function Navigate Using Numbers What Does It Do? Changing Your WoW Settings To Lower Than Low! Changing Your Settings In HonorBuddy So Its Using Less CPU! You Can Use This With The Render Disabler To Lower Your Ram & CPU Usage Even More! Download Found A Bug? Just Post Your Issue Here! Known Bugs: (HonorBuddy Function Is Currently Disabled Due To A Bug)
  23. Hey guys I wanted to ask if someone could explain how and where to install the chinese hb client, would really save my night <3 thanks anyways
  24. Hey Community, I have two questions: "3) Download HB/EB/DB from by going to and entering the URL. Extract it." -Is there an alternative website for "", cause this website doesn't support the download of anymore. Or am I wrong? "5) If you have any IPs in your host file from previous cracks please delete these(Google what windows host file is)" Can comeone explain it to me and tell me how to do that? Great Thanks, tim
  25. Hello. I realize that this is the tricky question, but. How long i can use HB without getting suspicious? Because i want farm some gold for token, but i want also know how much time i could run a bot without raising any attention from anyone? 4 hours? 8? 12?