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Found 3 results

  1. Launch wow with the CDPatcher login to game and launch Gatherbuddy, Enjoy! -Cat CDHB Patcher 335 Win10 Support(1).zip GB
  2. Profile creator for Gatherbuddy2. How to install: Extract the archive to honorbuddy/plugins folder. How to create a profile: 1. Go to the plugin tab, select "ZapRecorder" and press the button "Show Window".2. Press "Start Recording" and move your character along your route.3. Press "Stop Recording" when finnished with your route.5. Go and stand next to a mailbox and press the "Mailbox" button, DONE!6. Go and target a vendor, and press the "Vendor button", DONE!7. Go to your blackspot, put the character in the middle, choose the raidius and press "Blackspot", DONE!8.Press "Save Profile" and the location of the new profile will appear in the log window Have fun Download !
  3. Hey guys, as the title states I will make an individual, randomized Gatherbuddy2 profile per request. Only PayPal is accepted. Thanks