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  1. and we will very much appreciate your sacrifice my friend !
  2. cant wait looking forward to this !
  3. also anyone that can reccomend which of the CC's available are decent for rogue pvp ?
  4. anyone having issues witht he holy pala CC the ultimate pala BT version , when i first started using it , it seemed great, but ive done a heroic and BH today and it just seems like its not reacting to players hp dropping, ive got set values and it just doesnt seem to want to react, then all of a sudden it starts to do something , then slows down again, also it hasnt been using judgement for like 2 days now properly, can be in combat for a good 30 seconds or more before it uses judgement to get buff its a shame cause its the only holy pala CC there, i manual play alot but sometimes you just wanna have a lazy day and let HB do the work for you haha, but not at the expense of people dying so if anyone has any decent setup i can follow or any advice as to why its just not doing much , ive tried the 3 settings speed, accuracy and intelywait all seem to do the same stuff or maybe a plugin or a different CC or something, any ideas are appreciated
  5. Thank you for your help tonight ! honestly you are absolutely AMAZING ! guys Likon69 is such a great help ! honestly amazing help to me tonight !
  6. ok so ive got hb relog to work and logs into my char, and starts the bot up, but i get this error constantly Logging in... This software is not authorized to be used from the united kingdom and it just spams that over and over but if i use the other install i have, it logs in fine , im lost haha, i put the 3 lines of code in the correct file path, so no idea whats going on if i just knew what file contained the data for the current username and password i can just coppy over that 1 file and hopefully it will work , does anyone know what file contains that info ? or if anyone knows why this will not authenticate properly that would also work
  7. and the other thing is, with hbrelog you have to select what bot you want, what profile etc , with the normal .exe i can just change stuff on the fly
  8. i just cannot get hb relog to work, followed the guide and every time i try to log in it gives an error on the login screen and then the login boxes vanish, so the only way ive been able to use HB on the other instal i have is by using a username and password that came with codeemplosions release a while back, but i cannot remember the details its just saved in the data somewhere, i tried using a random one but it keeps saying login failed this software isnt to be used in the united kingdom, so no idea how i can get this release to work ive tried just moving the pluggings over etc, but im getting loads of lines of errors when HB starts up its insane really want to try and use this fresh install of yours, but cant get passed this login issue with hb relog or the login details by clicking on the actual exe
  9. guys, do you HAVE to use hbrelog to load up HB ? i normally just start it with the Honorbuddy.exe, but with this installation there is no usename and pasword ? , i do have another installation that has a username and password, but im not sure where that actual data is stored, i dont want to move over the entire data folder as i want a fresh install im really just wanting the username and password, im not a lover of hbrelog
  10. I would be super interested in this if you are still on this forum, i noticed you havent been around for about a month, hope you are well concidering whats going on in the world
  11. Hi mate just saw your comment on one of the posts about a working windows 10 honor buddy with plugins and bots and profiles etc,   I'm busting for this matey! Is there any chance I would be able to get this from you? I'm on a cata server so it's the 4.3.4 one I need