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  1. because of that, but first let others stand there stupid. I trust you, I never said the opposite, the mistake can be elsewhere. Never said you were to blame
  2. have anyone problems with newest version, i see only loading in Zygor screen. i checkes, any files are missing in Data/Gold. i use the old files from v.133 <Script file="xx_global.lua" /> <Script file="eu_argent-dawn.lua" /> <Script file="eu_argent-dawn_h.lua" /> <Script file="eu_silvermoon.lua" /> <Script file="eu_silvermoon_h.lua" />
  3. hi, i mean the Description too.
  4. Hi,thx for Update but i miss the Link for new Zygor Version. Ah ok, Mega Link is old Version Name.
  5. hi, i playing on Rise of Azhara and profile is Kick 1-80 auto on WOWMortal i have another issue. [18:15:12:134] System.Exception: Process must have frozen or gotten out of sync; InjectionFinishedEvent was never fired. bei BlueMagic.ExecutorRand.Execute() bei Styx.WoWInternals.WoWObjects.WoWObject.GetObjectName()
  6. i have a problem. any idea [16:09:22:958] Compiling quest behavior from 'D:\GameTools\ElvUI\Honorbuddy4.3.4 (\Quest Behaviors\UserSettings.cs' [16:09:23:245] [UserSettings-v217(error)]: BEHAVIOR MAINTENANCE PROBLEM: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. FROM HERE: at BuddyWiki.CustomBehavior.UserSettings.UserSettings.UtilBuildPresetChangeRequests(Dictionary`2 configurationSettings, ConfigSnapshot originalConfiguration) in d:\GameTools\ElvUI\Honorbuddy4.3.4 (\Quest Behaviors\UserSettings.cs:line 59 at BuddyWiki.CustomBehavior.UserSettings.UserSettings..ctor(Dictionary`2 args) in d:\GameTools\ElvUI\Honorbuddy4.3.4 (\Quest Behaviors\UserSettings.cs:line 133 [16:09:23:246] [UserSettings-v217(warning) @line 168]: Attribute 'LearnFlightPaths' is not recognized by this behavior--ignoring it.
  7. can you upload the newest profiles too?
  8. nice, is works, thx
  9. hi, i cannot load stuff from the CD Store, nothing is loading. i have test with fresh install, reboot PC and delete Folder from Bossland. http://pastebin.com/iAhibRJ7 cheers dlarge500