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  1. They could release it early for vips to test first. That would be smart to help with servers costs.
  2. Brilliant i can't wait for the release to test. You guys are killing it
  3. The Quest profiles do not work for cata... I am currently rewriting all of the quest profiles for a 12x exp server i play on will post when finished
  4. @BallaTheFeared Did you try unplugging the router and plugging it back in?
  5. Professional as always. Well played good sir.
  6. Very nice step-by-step tutorial tis what the community needs. Very detailed and gives a basic yet powerful example of reversing. You can tell a lot of time went into this. I look forward to reading your next tutorial.
  7. I've been leveling my hunter like a champ today with no problems using the svn. I don't believe the default profiles auto update unless you update your whole HB. With the SVN you just click update and go. It just seems more convenient to me.
  8. Download it from Kick's Svn and load it from there. No need to wait on the update from the CDstore
  9. Guys this is all over the internet just do a simple google search.
  10. Well it was a dead project for a couple months. They were having legal problems with the auth and how they did things plus they just switched "staff". They just haven't had the interest / time to yet. But a mod was asking for an EB key yesterday is the Chatbox yesterday so don't give up hope. Who knows maybe there will be a surprise for you guys in a couple weeks.
  11. It is streamed you won't be able to edit the profiles.
  12. Spam F5 on
  13. Try running and restarting your pc
  14. Seems like the profile might of had a bug. Try doing the quest manually and try again XD
  15. honorbuddy

    Post a full log and i'll be happy to help you out. Also make you have 32-bit client checked in before launch. And make sure you have the most uptodate version. Don't update it through honorbuddy get it from the website.