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  1. Don't tempt us like that man . Tell us when you'll have it ready.
  2. So you are trying to say that it is more difficult to detect bots in Cataclyms? And that WRobot is detectable but HB is not?
  3. What is the problem? There are many pserver that have good anticheat. Warmane for example... They ban a dozen people a day for using bot only.
  4. I currently play Tauri, but this server has good developers. They say they detect bots easily. I don't know how true it is. I've never dared to test any bot here... Have you tried any of them?
  5. Great... Then I think I'll start looking for a good MoP server. Any recommendations?
  6. Ohhh!!! Please give us details soon!!!!
  7. If anyone has an undetectable PQR for warmane share it!
  8. Great, thank you so much for sharing. I'll be testing it in the next few days as I level up on a new server.
  9. It would be great to get an updated version. Feel free to post it on the forum
  10. @scizzydo If you can record a video proving you're at warmane it would be great, otherwise I won't believe anything you say.
  11. How detectable is it on servers like wamane?
  12. How detectable is it on servers like wamane?
  13. The problem is not getting a bot to work, because if there are. The problem is to find one that they don't detect. Have you tested your bot on that server?
  14. I would be more interested in a functional version for 3.3.5 in warmane, as even payment bots are detected on this server. They have a great anticheat system and ban many daily.