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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm doing regular releases of ZygorGuides that include gold data for the top 25 realms for the US and EU regions. In order to continue doing this I need access to at least one (preferably two) active ZygorGuides accounts. If you're willing to volunteer your account, please PM me. I can optionally include you in the credits for each release (on this thread, in the Zygor version string in-game and in the AddOn description in-game). I have anonymized my releases by generating unique (valid) Licence.lua files (after reverse engineering Zygor's Licencing system), which is the way I believe others have been caught, so you should be safe in volunteering your account. If I have two accounts going at once, I will use them both to ensure no identifying information is released by comparing the two's data before each release (if anything differs between the two, that's suspect identifying information and will be stripped). Thanks to Foxez for providing the working account for the latest releases! Some people are re-releasing my links as their own on similar forums. I don't mind so much, but Foxez here has given me the account I'm using, so I feel like I should make at least a small effort to keep traffic here. So I've added a password to the uploaded archives to give the other releasers one more hoop to jump through. Apologies if this inconveniences you! Password: Trouble with the archive? I recommend extracting using 7-zip: Today's Releases (2017-05-23): 1.6 MiB!0d01SZyQ!G8UgwWvazw61a6s_6e5Ye_YJRaRKdBT-00fmQ5WuaVg 24.3 MiB!Zd81ha4A!2WR-V3IeORQgnff9Md_3AzPUXSUUGqMfQmI-GtuBO1U 24.3 MiB!9Yk2mARD!kt3OwofijT2zeV09utGcFhxxhMLH2qpOfBz54_gLP80
  2. Every guide, you'll ever need, in 1 button. Contain guides for: Achievements. Daily quests. Loremaster. Leveling. Talents. Dungeons. Professions. Very user friendly addon with a clean interface, very efficiency! Get it now free of charge with Firehawk! Contain guides for: Leveling & Loremaster Dailies & Events Dungeon & Gear Professions & Achievements Gold & Auctions Pets & Mounts Titles, Reputations & Macros Get it now, with Firehawk! Addons are: Tycoon, Economy and Wealth. Impulse, Talent and spec. Booster, Leveling. Edge, All-star guide PvP+PvE. (Requires The Undermine Journal or Trade Skill Master to support Tycoon!) Get it now, with Firehawk! Thats fine and all, but.. What is this Faja-haak you talk about? Well, are you tired of installing and updating any one of these addons manually? End it NOW with Firehawk and get playing right away! Click the icons to download Firehawk directly, the program is simple, easy to use, install and update. Firehawk is a small software much like curse client that provide several Premium addon-bundles, which normally costs $45 or even more, FREE of charge & with NO required registration! (Free users doesn't have access to Zygor AH-data and a 48-hour wait period for latest updates, follow release schedule: here) PC & Mac All this is powered by: Whoknowsit & matssa Person of interest Manaview sharing <3 among others from, Take a look at Auctionator also. Along with these guide addons, it is a very powerful and simple auction tool.
  3. What is this? To run Zygor Gold Guide, you need to have an up to date data file for your realm, containing data of the auction house. These files can only be obtained through the Zygor client, and that's why you will never find a free version of the Zygor Guides allowing you to use the Gold Guide module. This website allows you to download manually these files to be able to use the Zygor Gold Guide, even with a non-paid version of it. Simply follow the instructions on the website. [hide]Get to the website: Goldfinder[/hide]
  4. I was away for a couple of months, now I'm back and looking to level all my toons. Pretty much I'm looking for Zygor Guides for current wow build (6.1). Thanks in advance.