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Found 8 results

  1. In this thread you can request applications that you want to be cracked here on CD, please note that there's no guarantee that the applications requested will be cracked and / or released. Before you post a request, make sure to look through the thread in case someone else have requested the same application so there won't be duplicates of each request. With V2 of crack request thread, users are now allowed to post duplicate entries, meaning if someone else requested something you want, then request it aswell. This way we can see popularity of some content FPS hacks that are run via loaders will NOT be considered Do not bump older requests. When you're making a crack request you MUST include the download link to the application. or Please use this template when posting. Application Name:Application Description:Application Download Link:Official Webpage:Kind regards, CDStaff.
  2. Code to the deception USARS! Buddystore, new stuff from buddyteam, streams stuff to HB client, much smart, such idea, very appreciate. Buddy Store is a new streaming system implemented on official client which allows users to purchase plugins/routines/profiles and then stream them directly to their HB client after activating it on their buddyauth page. On you will find a list of content available, we rely on you guys to let us know what you want and if/when something updated, we don't have time to keep track. DO NOT USE THIS THREAD FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO ACCESS THE "STORE" ETC DO NOT ASK ABOUT CDSTORE UPDATE ETAs OR YOU WILL BE BANNED! ------------------------------------------------- If there is something missing from CDPatcher please post using the template below; Name of Buddstore Product: Buddystore Version and release date: CDstore version(if applicable): Link to buddystore item: Example: 1-100 Questing Profile Pack Version: 1.0.4106 (3/27/2015 3:24:15 AM) CDStore: 1.0.4100 Here are also a few rules 1) Do NOT request something that has already been requested 2) Do NOT request an update to a product if it has NOT been pushed to buddystore(Like if a dev posts that his update is "pending" on buddsytore, you dont post a request for it here until it IS on buddystore) 3) Do not request a product that is in "Beta" on buddystore
  3. As have been the case for the past few weeks, most buddystore products are streamed to the HB client upon logging in, this is indicated in the HB log by "Please wait while initializing buddystore products". Initially this took a while for you CD users because we were automatically streaming all products to every single user, without the ability to pick. This has now been resolved, you will notice that when you log in to HB now, you have no products or profiles available. This is because you must pick which you want yourself, you do this by visiting the auth page where you got your key, and click the "CDStore" tab. In here, you can checkmark the products you would like to enable for your user, once done, login to HB and these products will be streamed to you. Please note that the same products are available to VIPs as to normal users, no one gets special stuff at this moment. Please note, the products which are listed on the CDStore page are those that are available. If something is missing from CDStore but is available at the original store, or if something on CDStore is outdated, please request it in the Buddystore request thread, found HERE. Do NOT use this thread for requests, but use it for general questions and concerns about the store. As a last note, BGFarmer will not appear on the store at this moment. We have explained that users that have bought BGFarmer legitimately will be able to use it, this is still the plan but requires a little more work to the current store system, we are working on this but please note it is not ready as of now. Now go enable stuff!
  4. hey guys, i'm looking for a working craigslist bot, which posts periodically - or on autopilot - it doesnt matter in defined cities and so on the same text. the best would be craigslist genius or something similar CLAD Genius thank you greetz
  5. I was away for a couple of months, now I'm back and looking to level all my toons. Pretty much I'm looking for Zygor Guides for current wow build (6.1). Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I am looking for help with cracking Windows 7 for my Macbook pro. (Possibly using bootcamp)
  7. Hi I am requesting the Cokx Gladiator suite update 2.6.0 Currently it is 2.5 in our store Heres the link (to the place he says its updated) Thank you!!
  8. does anybody have tuanha Paladin 4.3.4 CC. last release at 4.3.4 ? thx in advance