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  1. Hello, hope you'll find something interesting here ^^ Enjoy
  2. Updated the mainpost to match information. Thanks ^^
  3. That does sound like fun
  4. Upcoming changes: - In order to use our client in the future, you'll have to sign up on our website. Registration is free. - In the near future, the following products will be provided to premium (paid) members only: - Zygor Guides Viewer - Zygor Guides Viewer (Beta) - Dugi Guides - DynastyAddons: Tycoon - DynastyAddons: Impulse - DynastyAddons: Edge - DynastyAddons: Booster This change has been needed due to recent tries to compromise the client and it's services, this change is required. These changes will take effect within the next month. __________________________________________________________________________________________ There's a limited offer 50% off until February 6th(follow link & click on Members -> register).
  5. Blizzard will allow the people who made AI for the board game "Go", to make AI for starcraft ll by releasing Starcrafts API's. Next-gen bots, for some games, on it's way then it will be interesting to see what will happen to bans of botters.
  6. Thanks ^^ Then it should all be in order ^^
  7. Everything should be working fine, have you updated your client? I think dugi might be Premium, along with Zygor AH data ? beside that u can contact the support here. There's also an Announcement ;D
  8. +46
  9. Always up to date, free users 48-hour wait period No need for messing with files, just a single click on "upådate"-button.
  10. Hello GetFirehawk have changed prices. Now you'll get life-time sub, for 25 € Montly and half year sub, has been removed Sign up here.
  11. Firehawk decided a huge change to the payment system. All subscription models are going to be removed. Instead, there will only be one payment option, which is lifetime (pay once, get everything without any additional cost in the future). To celebrate this, here's our very last special offer for you: During your next checkout, use the coupon code CHANGES_ARE_COMING and choose "Lifetime" to get a lifetime membership for just 20€ (instead of currently 75€). Additionally, every 10th subscription will be refunded, so you also have a chance to get it for free! TL;DR: Click, this text and add Coupon = CHANGES_ARE_COMING