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  1. Pretty much this - I for example, started running the Cataclysm raids on 25hc on a few characters - which makes around 8k per character per week. It didn't seem like much initially, but then I levelled 10 100s who are all doing the same thing = profit
  2. What do you even mean?!
  3. So you're saying that bans only last for 6 months now? I had a permanent one in 2014 but managed to appeal - so I'm unsure of the process now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Patience is a virtue guys
  5. If possible would like to see this updated, still encountering a number of issues with it (Crashes honorbuddy on character switch)
  6. oops double post.
  7. This is a bit off topic, but is Firestorm actually any good? I've seen a lot of people posting about it on here, I.e do Garrisons etc function?
  8. No worries, let us know how it goes! Also, this will not resolve it either - You can't simply right click on the .exe and set it to compatibility mode for Windows 7 in Windows 10, it just crashes again on attach. You have to install it through a VM - It's a lot just to get it running, but it is unfortunately the only solution until this is updated.
  9. Do you mean run Win 7 inside Linux? If so that would work, but not the other way round. It has to be Windows XP - 7, I've heard that this bot also doesn't work on Windows 8 (Crashes on attach)
  10. You have to run it (and the Cataclysm client) in a virtual machine (I reccomend VMWare) - I spent ages the other day trying to get it working on Windows 10 with no success
  11. You cannot become a VIP user yet - they're making changes to how things work around here - see
  12. Name of Buddystore Product: 1-100 Questing Profile Pack Version: 1.0.4725 (4/17/2016 11:00:26 PM) CDStore Version (If applicable): 1.0.4692 (Updated 3/20/2016) Link to buddystore item: https://store.buddyauth.com/Product?productId=124
  13. I can't see anything wrong with it from the log - it is checking for buddystore products. Try deleting the Cache as well from the bot folder as well, that might help - if not it could just be a latency between the Store updating that you've added those products (I'm sure someone will correct me If i'm wrong here)
  14. Can you attach a log file? If you got to the logs folder in your honorbuddy folder upload the latest log, or copy its contents into http://pastebin.com/ and post the link here
  15. Yep, all you have to do is tick them. If they're not showing up, do as Cylae has suggested here and clear your C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Bossland Like this Quote folder