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  1. **NEWS** - Rejoice! 3 new price-lists added for 8 new games, read below. - We now offering services in **Cyberpunk 2077** (yes, in single-player game) - We now offering services in **Wolcen** - We now offering services in a number of **Digital Collectible Card games:** Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Artifact, The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Fazeer's Dun'djinn challenges unlock added to **Torchlight III** prices - New levels for Bounty Hunter Role and club ranks for new Outlaw Pass was added to **Red Dead Online** prices - prices for new quest line of Steel Dawn DLC added to **Fallout 76** prices *main hub with all price-links* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ccoSTigXyZ12DGS5kgOU49pJHD8BHvXiDvVXAF9fe54/
  2. NEWS - in Elder Scrolls Online specific benefit of farm event tickets was deleted from Power+, because its not match our security standards. Plus you can buy event tickets in crown store for cheap - best opportunity to order Kyne's Aegis loot runs because of double drop during Lost Treasures of Skyrim event - prices for all guilds was decreased and we found new way to farm alliance points, so price for any pvp activity was greatly decreased too - now we can do Grand Overlord within 30 days and Emperor within only 24 hours terms. - plus to all that, 20% discount for any PVP orders during AOE tests! until October 19 - in Fallout76 pre-50 leveling price decreased, and after-50 leveling greatly decreased, because we improved our methods. - we added farm to various depths of Azurite Mine to the Path of Exile price list main hub with all price-links https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ccoSTigXyZ12DGS5kgOU49pJHD8BHvXiDvVXAF9fe54/
  3. NEWS - We now offering veteran trial runs for gear and achievements in Elder Scrolls Online! - Mythic items price was decreased again, Ebon Dwarven Wolf and All Mythic items pack was added - prices for upcoming Stonethorn DLC was already added, based on PTS experience - perfect time to order Cloudrest trial runs for gear, because of double-drop during Summerset Celebration, from July 23 until August 4 - 20% discount for any S.C.O.R.E. orders in Fallout 76 from July 23 until July 27 - in Path of Exile we offering now gearing separately, for any amount of currency, with your or our currency - Important: We will not remind about Free gifts for orders in Elder Scrolls Online for people who already know about it(received gifts at least once), because we value our time and do not like forgetfulness. So its on clients now to ask about gifts after each order. *main hub with all price-links* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ccoSTigXyZ12DGS5kgOU49pJHD8BHvXiDvVXAF9fe54/
  4. **NEWS** - We now selling gold in **Elder Scrolls Online**, price is not fixed and can change day to day, just ask. - Mythic items price was decreased abit - S.C.O.R.E. leveling prices are set for **Fallout 76** - 16-20 July 20% discount for all leveling orders will be active - 20% discount for all league orders active now in **Path of Exile** - also special offers added - leveling with full gear set for your build 10 ex worth!
  5. *NEWS* - this is the last advertisement for discord users, because *Tony and Friends opening discord server now!* All news will be posted there from now. Join us - https://discord.gg/WjxyzAv - due to many requests crown gifts action became permanent! Check relevant page in *Elder Scrolls Online* for new rules of bonuses, they changed. - 20% discount for pvp orders during Midyear Mayhem event until July 7 - all pvp prices was reviewed and adjusted including PVP Pack, and Grand Overlord price was added - Legendary Run Season will start in *Fallout 76* very soon, and we will offer rank boosting for it too, you even can pre-order it now! - prices for leveling in *Path of Exile* was tuned and decreased for new league *main hub with all price-links* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ccoSTigXyZ12DGS5kgOU49pJHD8BHvXiDvVXAF9fe54/
  6. *NEWS* - time-limited action added in *Elder Scrolls Online* - free crown store gifts on your choice! For more details check ESO spreadsheet - time to pre-order new vMA runs! With Greymoor update Perfected Maelstrom weapons will be added, old vMA weapons will NOT be upgraded. - all Greymoor activities was added to price list, including Antiquties, and more. - fast leveling with special price was added to *WoW Classic* - Light Pack added to price-list of *Fallout 76* - without any quests, so you can enjoy the story yourself - new bonuses for any 50+ usd order was added, +30.000caps, alot rare plans and more! check price list for details - you can also buy grind of 3 new time-limited events in *Fallout76* for cosmetic and other rewards. Treasure Hunter 21-27 May, Fasnacht 25-31 May and Survivor NW Challenge 19 May - 11 June - *Path of Exile* has its final edition of prices set. Example of lowest - 29 usd for 1-70 levels(3 labs + all skill books), 55 usd for 1-90 levels(4 labs + all skill books) *main hub with all price-links* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ccoSTigXyZ12DGS5kgOU49pJHD8BHvXiDvVXAF9fe54/
  7. NEWS prices for 1-50 regular/superfast leveling in Elder Scrolls Online was decreased In WoW Classic Ultimate Pack was corrected, its now cheaper and without reputation farm, you can order any reputation grind separately Leveling prices in WoW Classic and RDO was tuned down Reputation and gold bullion farm will be added to price-list of Fallout 76 very soon - stay tuned, also Overseer Ranks price was decreased Leveling prices was significantly reduced, plus 20% discount applied to league orders starting from 13 April and all league Challenges was added to Path of Exile price-list
  8. Greetings! Let me introduce our services common information Our main feature - live video stream. You always can watch, learn, and check us Our crew of friends from eastern European countries We guarantee 100% personally leveled characters with no use of bots, scripts, hacks, or exploits For extra security we have a VPN connected to a location near you during the order We can agree on any range of levels and services. The price in this case will be customized All services provide by actual players with their own real accounts, very experienced and passionate in online games We offer various bonuses, pack deals with discounts and seasonal discounts Our players are flexible and allow stop-and-play, so you always can play too, when you want main rules We comply with GDPR Privacy Policy and won't share your data in any way As soon as we have started with our services we can not refund your purchase Security of your account is our top priority - we take multiple precaution measures for that Its because any service that require your account have a very low chance to get banned for "account sharing" We have refund system for this purposes, more details at the last page of price-list of the game If you will choose us as your Power-leveling Provider, you signed with all rules the full list of my services with prices and many other usefull info you can find by the link below: MAIN HUB payment methods Google Pay PayPal Skrill WebMoney Western Union Steam Wallet and many others contacts e-mail - [email protected]mail.com discord - quadro#6873 discord server - https://discord.gg/WjxyzAv skype - eso_leveling add me first and we will discuss what you need, cheers!
  9. eso

    *NEWS* ESO As you may know, ZOS added some activities to crown store in new Scalebreaker DLC Lets compare. 1) KEEP IN MIND you need to complete skill lines(SL) at least ones first on any other character, and then you will able to unlock them with crowns 2) AND THEY ARE NOT GIFTABLE, so you cant use gold 3) also keep in mind i have various packs where you can receive this lines with ~20% discounts The order of comparsion will be: crown price <> crown price in usd(if you will buy from USA) <> my NEW price <> rewards/resulted conclusion Alliance War <> 3000 crowns <> 24,99 usd <> 231,6 usd <> [only SL] VS [SL+1,15 millions of AP+alot pvp sets+alot transmute crystals+13 PVP ranks+13 skill points+campaign rewards]. More profitable to buy from me because of rewards, but definitely buy it for crowns if you need only skills unlock on your alts Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild <> 2000 crowns <> 16,66 usd <> 42 usd <> [only SL] VS [SL+exp and set items+6-8 skill points]. More profitable to buy from me because of rewards Legerdemain <> 2000 crowns <> 16,66 usd <> 45 usd <> [only SL] VS [SL+two achievements]. Definitely buy it for crowns if you need only skills unlock on your alts Mages Guild/Fighters Guild/Psijic Order <> 3000 crowns <> 24,99 usd <> 45/40/43 usd <> [only SL] VS [SL+exploration+exp and items+some achievments]. Definitely buy it for crowns if you need only skills unlock on your alts Undaunted by option #1 <> 3000 crowns <> 24,99 usd <> 80 usd <> [only SL] VS [SL+some exp and set items]. Definitely buy it for crowns if you need only skills unlock on your alts Undaunted by option #2 <> 3000 crowns <> 24,99 usd <> 325 usd <> [only SL] VS [SL+700+ dungeon sets+100+ monster masks+10 undaunted keys+25+ skill points]. More profitable to buy from me because of rewards. according to all this, prices for some guilds and pvp was decreased prices for vMA was decreased from 17-21 usd per run to 15-20 usd per run full loot prices for most veteran DLC dungeons was decreased as well new dungeons from DLC was added to the price list, and to the Skill Point Pack FO76 Main Quest Line prices added price for leveling above 50 was decreased
  10. eso

    *PACK OF NEWS* 1. The Witches Festival kicks off at 10:00AM EDT on Thursday, October 18 and will run until 10:00AM EDT, Thursday, November 1. During this period i will provide 20% discounts to any EXP orders! Also im offering event activity including achievements from it, check "Events & Prologues" page from my spreadsheet of prices. You can gather new currency - Event Tickets, to buy and evolve new rare Indrik mounts. To have all types of Indrik you need to participate in every event in ESO during next year of time or more. 2. I'm starting to offer Events+Prologues activity in ESO, check this page for more details - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eIIMmwsIXL3BN_AkqPGpS8p5lr2xM23PIdO5Vp2YYss/edit#gid=1267675734 Murkmire Prologue started already, you can earn memento, title, pet, and other things!
  11. eso

    PACK of NEWS! - During Midyear Mayhem event 20% discount for any PVP orders, including transmutation crystals! until Monday, August 6 at 10:00AM EDT - Psijic Order and Jewelcrafting prices added to the list of offers - pack offers changed alot, Crafter pack was updated with jewelcrafting, collections pack was deleted, exploration pack was extended to a Mega Exploration pack, and more - Skill Point's pack added, take a look - overall prices for PVP activity was reduced after Summerset update, including transmutation crystals check my list of offers here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eIIMmwsIXL3BN_AkqPGpS8p5lr2xM23PIdO5Vp2YYss/edit?usp=sharing
  12. eso

    NEWS! The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event is now live, and it will run until 10:00AM EDT on Monday, March 12. Its perfect time to order Dark Brotherhood or Thieves guild leveling, with 20% discounts! During this period, you can earn the following for certain unscrupulous activities in both Hew's Bane and the Gold Coast: Double reward drops for defeating World Bosses Double reward drops for defeating Delve bosses Double Defiled Whiskers drops from Maw of Lorkhaj bosses Increased rewards for completing Heists Increased rewards for completing Sacraments Double harvesting resources from regular crafting nodes
  13. eso

    NEW OFFER ADDED! Transmutation crystals farm Earning by PVP activity, Mail "Reward for the Worthy" contain Legendary Geode with 4-25 transmutation crystals. You can earn 1 geode per day per character The lower level your character is, the faster you earn "Rewards for the Worthy" mails. so the price varies from $4 to $7 per Legendary Geode more heroes you have - more Geodes per day. Side rewards: Alliance points (currency for PVP vendors, where you can buy very rare items like rarest Legendary jewelry, and more) Skill Points for each PVP rank Unlocked skills from Assault And Support pvp skill line PVP titles