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  1. God bless. We all gonna make it cuz we out chea gettin this money baby praise the cdpatcher gods
  2. fuck it dude im bout be out cheya donating monthly to our new chinese lords to cover their "servers" and shit. i aint bout that conspiracy bs. all i cares bout is getn that auth back up cuz we out cheya n we all gonna make it
  3. Dog farms are a possibility dude but doubtful. It's possible the new chinese ownership may even be the same fucking people. It's an unconfirmed and not really important issue tbh. Moot as fuck. The fact is we needed $1500 for 3 months of auth but assuming the penny hustle donation % listed was accurate and not manually manipulated (38%) we can assume that's $570 raised for 8 months of auth service dude we fucking did it guys. fuck that $500/mo noise for auth service we out cheya with $570 @ $71.25/mo for auth. we all gonna make it.
  4. Zko the penny hustle is over and as stated earlier: "Auth servers will be paid with the money raised during this donation drive, which will cover the next 8 months" Thank you for your donation to the CD drive. We out cheya with 8 months of incoming auth bro lets celebrate and get this money for our new found chinese ownership.
  5. oh word? you're right... a community this massive with all this traffic and they can't field enough return to pay for the super expensive upkeeps.... lol in other news glad to see the drive is over and shit will start to get back to normal. hope the new "chinese" ownership will be able to field enough revenue to keep this massive bandwidth sucking blackhole hog community up! god damn 50 tb hetzner piece of shit.
  6. don't worry internet bro -- 3,000+ people using CD... if we can achieve 2.5% return on them we can achieve $750/mo and pay for the $500/mo hosting!! dude what if they rent one of these monsters to be able to actually have a live donation tracker instead of this tracker that requires them to manually enter the donation % -- would be fucking DOPE cuz then you wouldn't have to worry about the % being a gimmick either!! https://gyazo.com/d9de0a930d875c6ea9cd7d7fe73fbc55 THAT'S LITERALLY THE BEST DEDICATED SERVER HETZNER HAS TO OFFER AND IT'S ONLY €152.. woahhhh~!!!!
  7. bro you have 5 posts, non VIP, calling out exactly how much $ i've contributed to this forum (???? sick wizardry) and you're saying my $40 saved the "internet from extinction". we out cheya mentally9 gettin them pennies for the excessive upkeep costs of this shit bro. this a penny drive not a freeloader drive. get them pennies in and get your VIP status so you can wait to use it. https://robot.your-server.de/order/market get sum that in ur life when ur not getting ur gimmick drive on tho srsly
  8. i've got my VIP donations while you're still over there talking shit with literally nothing. huge difference. sorry I donate my $10 every 3 months and am miffed I have to wait to use my VIP service cuz of freeloaders freeloading. you're fishy breh get back to your gimmick drive
  9. LOL o word? good to see yall with 2-3 posts donating $150 and shit. keep it up boys we out cheya
  10. you have 2 posts with no VIP telling everyone they want something for nothing loool
  11. uhh, drugs? yeah... a drug addiction would explain why $500/mo is needed to host the patcher lol... like i said before.. this is a gimmick. it's literally laughable that $500/mo is needed to host the patcher.
  12. To be honest this is ridiculous... I've already donated to be a VIP member and avoid inconvenience and you've completely shut down all service. Why not allow VIP users to VIP? I honestly think this is a gimmick but whatever. Why not setup a small service where people can subscribe monthly? It can be branded something completely different than CD if you're worried about freeloaders going ham... I literally would not bat an eye if I had to pay $15/mo to use the patcher. Worth every penny.