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  1. Do you make accounts in marijuana forums & ask them why they smoke ? Or a car forum like wtf you into cars for ? A body building forum like bros.. why do you even lift ?
  2. You think someone made.. paid & shared accounts just to be that nice ? They didn't :-P
  3. I don't think there have ever been any :-P
  4. Haven't got a ton yet & I believe they're US only.. But let's see how this goes.. We'll wheel & deal.. anybody that didn't just join today :-P
  5. It has been my primary key for years now.. well over what it would have been if it was 1 year only.. I'm kinda over HB as it stands now though so looking to part with it.. We'll talk for real if I see any interest from someone that didn't just join today ;-)
  6. Ohhh you're going the Sentry & similar route ? :-D I wasn't sure.. thought you might be tryin' your hand at SQLi & what not.. /shrug
  7. Because larger porn sites have more difficult security ? What about a small site like http://slowmotionblowjob.com/
  8. I've been trying to get them again.. even in this very outdated form.. no dice :-(
  9. tbh until he locks the SVN just grab them from the source :-D https://tuanha.sourcerepo.com/tuanha/TuanHACRLegionHB3/
  10. Apparently it's a known issue :-/ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747375060
  11. That's a Tuanha thing