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  1. Looks like it could be a localization or disk encryption issue.
  2. Its inefficient for you and us. Slows both sides down.
  3. Reinstall HB. It's a weird bug.
  4. Fixed op to be legible.
  5. This is a known issue, and solution are posted in this thread. We are working on a method to patch this as we speak. Apologies for the delay in service ~^^
  6. Win 10 support will come when Win 10 is officially released.
  7. Dosent happen. It's fodder for the conspiracists.
  8. Correct! In the searchbar, look for buddystore
  9. It's really not that good. And we have considered it.
  10. Well thats messy. Looks like you might have an antivirus blocking it, but I'm not sure. Also, see if you have too many things checked in the store. That can also cause it.
  11. ->
  12. Get a fresh ExileBuddy install, then do the following: Please download this tool: ...and run this with Windows administrative privileges: Right-click on the icon → "Run as administrator"
  13. We're attempting to resolve the issue.
  14. Thats the end?
  15. The issue is being handled. Sorry for the interruption of service. The download can be force through chrome by going to your downloads tab and selecting recover malicious file.