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  1. Idk if you still use this site but i think in order to prevent this you will simply have to remove the whole flag capturing as a whole so bots won't capture the flags at all otherwise i don't think their is any other way to prevent it.
  2. I would love it but whats the difference between yours and the old one?
  3. This would be very good to use in base capturing BGS, since on Monster im guessing thats what server you play on the bot tries to capture it when its already your factions.
  4. Very old post but, the links are not working, anyone got the link?
  5. Dang, this post seems kinda dead now i guess no update ;( I wish their was some way we can update it, because it gets stuck a lot ;(
  6. I would like to get a crack as well, anybody?
  7. Wait, if you need profiles and play on 7.0.3 what wrobot did you get, may i get a link please? I am playing on monster-wow and would love to bot
  8. I would like to grind or quest bot to level 80 on Warmanes very own Icecrown, profiles ?
  9. I want to use WRobot on Warmane on Icecrown. Anybody got a crack for this amazing thing ?
  10. Bot

    Is their a cracked bot for pandawow. http://pandawow.ru/. The private server?
  11. I have a problem with honorbuddy. I cant find wow process, i downloaded this honorbuddy with form here: https://www.thebuddyforum.com/archives/149876-official-honorbuddy-update-status-patch-5-4-7-build-17898-a.html. It says "Honorbuddy for patch 5.4.7" And i play on this server http://pandawow.ru/. HELP!
  12. I need a bot for Pandawow 5.4.8. I used like other bots for 5.4.8 but they don't seem to recognize wow.exe, since its you launch it with a custom launcher. Is their a way to fix this or a way to make it see wow.exe is opened and finds the process? Or is their a bot dedicated to Pandawow? Or a old version of honorbuddy 5.4.8
  13. Is their any bots to quest for u like honorbuddy? Or is their a honorbuddy 5.4.8 bot? Please tell me
  14. I am using a Gnome Priest (LvL 45) And I need a quest or grind bot. I am on a private server warmane. Please consider any good working profiles, thanks m8's!