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  1. My bot isnt sending all whites and its not selling soulbound greens. im using this in profile: <MailGrey>False</MailGrey> <MailWhite>True</MailWhite> <MailGreen>True</MailGreen> <MailBlue>True</MailBlue> <MailPurple>True</MailPurple> <SellGrey>True</SellGrey> <SellWhite>False</SellWhite> <SellGreen>False</SellGreen> <SellBlue>False</SellBlue> <SellPurple>False</SellPurple>
  2. Thanks for that. Can you do a video showing off the auction plugin?
  3. Thanks for the answer - is there a way to make the bot mail BOE greens?
  4. Hey man - it works great. Ive used it alot. Then suddenly yesterday i can only run 1 bot at a time. The other is stuck at loading profile. So i found out it has something to do with warlocks it seems.
  5. Im trying to use the quest bot, however it just opens up the flight master map and stands there.