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  1. Can anyone recommend a server that this works on? Would love to start playing some WoW again!
  2. Tried with pandawow (5.4.8) and not working. When running WRobot nothing happens.
  3. Hiya, Wondering if anyone has any working PQR, soapbox, rotation bots (honorbuddy) for any private servers. Recently banned by the wave and I do NOT want to give Blizzard anymore of my money. Anyone know of any fun servers to bot on?
  4. I cant seem to get this bot to accept random battleground quene. All it quene's for is WSG.
  5. I got this bot to work, but now when trying to run the battleground script it only queues for WSG. Any way to make this queue for randoms?
  6. Yes, It gives me the same issue.
  7. I can't seem to get monster server to work. I am using 5.4.8 build (18414) x86 but when trying to launch WRobot 1.2.3 it doesn't seem to find the wow.exe. The launcher is blank. When I do hit launch, a license management key window appears with weird writing. Then prompts me launch wow in 32bit mode. When I search my monster wow folder there is no wow.exe I can click on from within the window.
  8. I am using windows 8 and getting error This version of HonorBuddy only supports WoW build #15595. You are currently using build #0 I changed the name to wow.exe but still no luck.