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  1. Shoutbox Don't trade. More... Don't advertise. More... Use the queen's English. (EN-US/EN-UK/EN-AU/EN-CA) More... Don't talk politics, religion, or drugs. More... Don't link to NSFW content. More... Don't ask for support relating to CDPatcher or affected products. Use the relevant support forum! More... This includes "Is auth down?" questions or "Does X work" or "is X down?" or "anyone else having a problem with X" or "Seems X isn't working" if it relates to any buddybots or any CDpatcher supported product No BB-Code! This is reserved for staff. More... Don't intentionally troll. This means you, Grammar Nazis. More... No spam. More... Expanding on rule 2, do not beg for likes. More... As applicable, all Forum and Code of Conduct rules apply. More... Forum No external advertisement, unless in the trade forums or as approved by staff. More... Use the queen's English. (EN-US/EN-UK/EN-AU/EN-CA) More... Don't talk politics, religion, or drugs. More... Do not link to NSFW content, except in the Adult section. More... Don't make 100% useless posts. "IT DUN WeRK" is a perfect example of this. More... Don't intentionally troll. This means you, grammar nazis. More... Don't have multiple accounts or share your account. More... Don't ask about VIP Forum content if you are not a VIP. More... Expanding upon rule 8, do not share VIP Perks / Content with non-VIP users. More... Include a viral scan (preferably from virustotal) for any download links not including the source. More... Do not link to a download that has a survey, or use a referral link. More... Do not use eyesore/eyebleed inducing BB-Code or html. More... Do not use a temporary/disposable email. More... Code of Conduct The code of conduct is established as a general rule of the land; a way to exist peacefully in a way that benefits everyone. Don't be unnecessarily rough or rude. As a rule of thumb, staff tend to appreciate cultured sarcasm. More... Expanding on rule 1, don't quote someone who has already given their sarcastic statement to a user. More... Use English, this cannot be stressed enough. All of the staff speak English fluently, as do most users. (EN-US/EN-UK/EN-AU/EN-CA) More... Respect your Elders, and especially the Staff. We provide a free service, after all. More... Do not (knowingly) post fraudulent or incorrect information. More... Like a post! People find a like as direct support of their post, which betters the community as a whole. You lose nothing by doing this. More... Follow sub-forum specific rules! You can normally find them as a sticky at the top of the forum. More... For those who have the ability, do not abuse your name-change powers; You will find them quickly revoked if you do. More...