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Found 9 results

  1. I have seen old threads where people have posted leaks of his PQR profiles but all the links are broken , so i figured i would ask. If anyone has a link to a Cokx PQR profile it would be greatly appreciated ! im sure lots of people are looking for it . Thanks again in advance. -Oya.
  2. Hey guys. I'm sharing my collection of pqr profiles for MoP 5.4.7 and 5.4.8. Some of the profiles might not work properly on different servers. Tested on: and frostwolf server It contains both pvp and pve profiles and expect way better performance on well made profiles than what you had with HB or any other bots especially in pvp. (spell reflect instant spells, druid form switch on last milisecond of polymorph cast etc) Most of the profiles are requires for you to do the general rotation it will only do the non standard stuff like perfect bursting or cc etc. This is generally true for pvp profiles. I havent created any of these profiles but i made modifications in some of them but i do not intend to take credit for any of them. How to use? Preparation: From the packed file copy the contents of the AddOns folder to your wow client/interface/AddOns folder Start you wow client. Log in Press addons and make sure you have selected PQinterface addon and load out of date addons are ticked enter world with your character Start PQR.exe Select the wow instance you would like it to attach to. (Only works with WoW MoP,, Press attach Select the rotation you would like to use in the dropdown menu and press the hotkey next to it ingame to load the rotation You are ready to pwn. (I highly recommend testing out on a friend or a dummy before giving it a go in raids, arenas, bgs) Download:!KkNlSYKa!QyUsqlWXZg3aVGI1Xq7EdE6T6Po6IHiHzP3J1-FwxCk None of it is my creation i just collected them. Have fun!
  3. As have been the case for the past few weeks, most buddystore products are streamed to the HB client upon logging in, this is indicated in the HB log by "Please wait while initializing buddystore products". Initially this took a while for you CD users because we were automatically streaming all products to every single user, without the ability to pick. This has now been resolved, you will notice that when you log in to HB now, you have no products or profiles available. This is because you must pick which you want yourself, you do this by visiting the auth page where you got your key, and click the "CDStore" tab. In here, you can checkmark the products you would like to enable for your user, once done, login to HB and these products will be streamed to you. Please note that the same products are available to VIPs as to normal users, no one gets special stuff at this moment. Please note, the products which are listed on the CDStore page are those that are available. If something is missing from CDStore but is available at the original store, or if something on CDStore is outdated, please request it in the Buddystore request thread, found HERE. Do NOT use this thread for requests, but use it for general questions and concerns about the store. As a last note, BGFarmer will not appear on the store at this moment. We have explained that users that have bought BGFarmer legitimately will be able to use it, this is still the plan but requires a little more work to the current store system, we are working on this but please note it is not ready as of now. Now go enable stuff!
  4. I tried to load the streamed profile : Apexis Dailies & Bonus Objectives - Patch 6.2 I checked the box and went to my HonorBuddy. However, I don't know how to load it. I clicked on "recent profiles" but the option didn't show. I can run other streamed stuff like plugins, but not profiles. Any tips?
  5. hello dear codedeception forum! i came back to wow few days ago and i was thinking about botting. since its been a while... im wondering if i still need to download the mesh folder to run HB. (i live in germany.) i couldn't find any topic about that - i'm sorry if i missed a thread where it is explained! i can remember a thread, that was a full guide for HB + CD. that's why i remember the mesh-thing but i can't find anything about it. are the mesh still required with all the changes to CD and HB? have a nice day
  6. Hello Dear members, Does anyone have any access to premium cava profile? It's a profile that's not on buddy store, but on the buddy forums. It's a amazing one but after lvl 80 you need to donate. Does anyone have access to it?
  7. I need a profile pack that can level me from 90-100 Alliance.
  8. Luicines Spirit Beast Tamer ProfileSpirit beasts implemented into pack so far: Loque'nahak - 32517 Skoll - 35189 Gondria - 33776 Using the plugin Rarekiller2, my profile will map and tame the beast from the selected profile. Rarekiller2 must be setup first to enable taming of the beasts, if you do not follow the instructions then your character will kill it on sight! - Once Honorbuddy is running, click on 'Plugins' and then Rarekiller2 - You must then configure the plugin for taming, you can do this by ticking 'don't kill tameable Mobs' and 'Tame Default Pets' under the 'TheTamer' title - To ensure the beast you want is tamed, I would suggest ticking 'Tame by ID' and entering the Mob ID provided above next to its name I would recommend using add ons such as NPCScan or SilverDragon, which will alert you with a sound if the rare tameable mob is there! How to run the profile: - Open up your WoW client in 32 bit mode - Open up your Honorbuddy client - Select GatherBuddy2 - Load my profile which can be downloaded using the link bellow Improvements to come: - Dismiss pet - Check to see if there is a free pet slot - If there isn't a free pet slot, then go to a stable master and create one Link is here: Any questions feel free to ask!
  9. Hey guys new to cdpatcher and i am not quite sure on how to download a profile from the cdstore. I go to the cdstore and pick the profile i want i press tick the profile line goes green but when i go on honorbuddy it is not in the buddystore. Please help, thank you