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  1. I think it is quite unlikely that the goal will be reached at this point. We have recieved quite a few donations and we thank every single one of you that donated. In the next few days an announcement will be made to explain the future situation of CD, a few of the things that will happen/be prepared this week Donations will be disabled Auth servers will be paid with the money raised during this donation drive, which will cover the next 8 months Emby/Plex for VIPs will move off the website and become a seperate service CodeDeception will undergo a change in "leadership" within the next few weeks We thank everyone that participated in this donation drive, glad to see that there are still some here that cares! Regards
  2. Dear CD users, We recently made an announcement regarding some possible upcoming changes to cdpatcher, aswell as some already in effect changes to auth such as the removal of VIP auth, along with some general information about donations. This thread is made as a follow up to the changes we made recently, donations over the past year have dropped significantly which in itself is not a problem for us as long as they cover the bills, however we are slowly reaching the point where we are no longer banking, and this means losing money. We want to keep CD running in its current form, this means the website, emby(our media server), disabler, rajah and any upcoming projects we might be doing, however this may be difficult a year from now when the bank runs dry. We have 2 options currently, 1. Let the bank run dry and hand over control to our chinese partners, this might mean the community will see drastic changes, and content on CD may cost 5-10 dollars a month to access(we want to avoid this) 2. Run a community driven donation system with transparancy - This will piss some of you off, but we believe it is drastically better then the first option. We want to try the 2nd option first, but we also know that people are less likely to donate unless they are made aware of the fact that it is actually required for us to survive. This means that every 3 months, we will run a donation drive aimed toward collecting enough donations to cover the following 3 months worth of server bills. During this "Donation drive" all CD services will close down, except the forum, once 3 months worth of bills have been collected, all servers will be paid 3 months in advance and proof of reciepts will be provided publicly to the community as evidence of this. Starting this Friday, which is june 3rd we will run the first donation drive to raise money for the next 3 months - Hopefully this will be a success and we will be able to keep CD rolling without taking money out the bank. If by june 4th we have collected enough donations for 3 months of server bills, the next donation drive would happen 3 months from june 3rd. IF enough donations are collected between the period of june 3rd and 3 months ahead to cover 3 months of server bills then a donation drive will NOT happen. Essentially, donation drives can be avoided by the community engaging and actively donating on their own. This thread will be updated on june 3rd with a status of donations so people can keep track of how much needs to be donated, and how much has been donated. We are confident that if everyone contributes just a tiny bit, we should be able to cover 3 months in a short amount of time. DONATION DRIVE IS OVER - SERVICES REMAIN DISABLED FOR NOW! Donation goal = 1500$ Final donated amount = 38% Donate link for those that cannot find the button = Regards CD Staff
  3. Dear users of CodeDeception, and all the community dev lurkers. As made apparent by the recent update by Suspense in his thread on the legal battles with Bossland, chances are that Bossland most likely recieved a default judgement in the court case. If you aren't updated on this lawsuit, please refer to this post by suspense: While a lot of the points in this case were completely untrue then, and still remains completely untrue now, such as CDpatcher being a paid product(its free), we are most uncertain what this "default judgement" could allow Bossland to do against us. We strongly believe we have a very good relationship with our partners and that they will be able to see through the lies that might come from Bossland, however we also feel it is time to look at changing how some of the stuff work around here. As of a few days ago, donations have been disabled - they will remain so for an undecided amount of time, but will of course return for those that do want to support us. CD have always been non-profit, it will continue to be non-profit, disabling donations brings me to my next point. VIP auth is history. When the new HB version is "approved" for public use, the current VIP auth will be converted to a secondary public auth server. Everyone will have access to both servers. No VIP auth means everyone will have access to newest versions of every single supported bot by cdpatcher, provided the game client did NOT patch. On top of the changes to VIP auth and the current donation system, we will also be preparing to cut costs as a result of cutting donations by working toward making CDpatcher less dependant on us, this includes ways of making CDpatcher work seamnlessly client-side with no server-side requirements, this will allow us to bring on more contributers and allow CDPatcher to be shared in many more places without having any negative side effects on our site or other backend systems like we have experiences with the rampant sharing in china and the asian region in general. It was never our intention to restrict access to CDPatcher, we do not believe access to CDPatcher was ever restricted, but apparently it seems some people misunderstood this, hopefully this will make it perfectly clear to everyone.... We are free We will always be free
  4. Previous link was taken down, heres a new one!
  5. Someone told us that brodieman guy or whatever said that he had some surprises added in his profiles or whatever, no one has reported anything wrong with it yet so probably no one uses his stuff, or its in the plugin and no one is using that, who knows. In any event, im sure he has surprises for us, we have one for him too Heres all his profiles, in full source, enjoy
  6. This should be resolved with the newly released cdpatcher, please update cdpatcher by rerunning the application and accepting the update
  7. This should be resolved in the latest cdpatcher, please re-run cdpatcher and accept the update
  8. Please try again now
  9. We have obtained botpipe products from a 3rd party source, these will appear on cdstore shortly.
  10. The public server has been used for testing some fixes today, so there could possibly have been a bunch of interruptions. After adding support for 435 we noticed some very weird issues with memory usage, and eventually realised that someone was tunneling to our nav server, mosdt likely some russian or chinese site selling demonbuddy crack that was using our nav server through a proxy. We believe we have resolved these issues now on public, it is not yet deployed to VIP but will be deployed tonight or early tomorrow. Regards
  11. Fix for this error has been released now, please update cdpatcher.
  12. Does it work with vip now?
  13. No, you should not have to restart the bot.
  14. We have just applied a new build of the nav server, this one is upwards of 1500-4000 times faster response times to nav requests. We should see minimal navigation errors at this point, please post feedback. Regards