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  1. Dear members, We have had that maintenance message on the site header for quite long now, so it is time to give you some more explainations about the current and future status of CDAuth. With the latest updates, whole authentication system as well as mesh system has been totally changed. This means we are forced to build a whole new CDAuth system. The workload derived from this situation is really big, and it is the reason why it is taking some time while we can write a new system. However we are already and currently in search of talented developers to help us with coding this new tool so that we can get it done as fast as possible. This also means that we will probably be in need to invest a substantial amount of resources and funds in order to get the job properly and quickly done, so we will eternally thank any donation made to help us covering upcoming overcost. We want to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and as always, we will do our best to keep CodeDeception in the top of gaming communities. Thank you all for your continued support. CD Staff
  2. Probably some mistake made you downgrade from VIP. Problem solved.
  3. Looks cool
  4. Be patient, you will see new contributions as soon as they are finished and ready to be released CD Patcher remains free as it has always been before. Our main interest is to get a more dynamic community with more interesting contents and more interactions/contributions between members. Thanks _________________ Regarding recent bug fixes: Please let me know and report here or send me a PM if you find any bug along the forums. Thanks a lot! Regards.
  5. CDStore is fixed now. If it is not working for you, try flushing your DNS cache following these steps: Click Start. Write cmd. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. Run the following command: ipconfig /flushdns If the command succeeds, the system returns the following message: Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. Regards.
  6. Thanks for the welcoming Thanks, and of course new requests will be taken into consideration as long as the community shows a demand for a specific topic/content.
  7. Welcome back dear members, CodeDeception has just been refreshed! We have been working hard these last hours to undertake some big changes according to this community. After many intense talks, brainstorming sessions and negotiations around a new way to lead and manage CodeDeception by bringing in some fresh air as well as new contents/releases, the moderating team has decided to pass the torch to a new whole crew that will bring the community to the next level with many upcoming features which have been worked at for some time already. This decision mean @Suspense will no longer be the visible head of CodeDeception as he and his well known crew will be retired passing his position to the new moderating team. New reference members for any questions or issues that would have been passed to @Suspense, @Ocrion or any other staff member should now be addressed to any of the two old CodeDeception friends that will hold the Super Moderator title. Don't even waste your time by asking about our old accounts, nicknames or identities because there is no need nor point to know these details anymore, however you all will be fine to know that me @PsychosyX and my old times friend @WhiteCat will be working hard to offer this community the enjoyment and good atmosphere that you all need. A whole new moderating team will be gradually built and publically introduced to the community with new moderators and staff members that will be properly chosen from candidates who may suit and deserve the position. We also took this opportunity to move to a new server where our systems can be more secure and less laggy for all members, so please report and let us know any bugs, problems or errors you may find (thanks!). Please feel free to let us know any concerns, questions or suggestions you may feel due to this big change to the course of CodeDeception. Wishing to bring you all a new stage of entertainment, with all the enthusiasm to offer the best of us and our hard work to make you enjoy your stay in CodeDeception, we salute you as this community new owners. Sincerely yours, @PsychosyX @WhiteCat CodeDeception Staff