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  1. You mean to tell me we come to a site that has bots, hacks, cheats, illegal software etc... that we will have morale when talking about a FPS? hahahahahahaha OMFG GOLDEN!!!
  2. Will it be integrated into the site?
  3. They make a keygen for it you know...
  4. Appears the website is down.
  5. He just released them today on the HB store. The only way to get these is to either buy them, or know him and have a copy... or be entitled to them from a previous purchase. Either way I'd also love to see these soon. I heard they run SO MUCH more smoother. I would like a hardcopy myself if at all possible.
  6. How would one transfer the gold without getting banned easily?
  7. Useful, do you have tags on your post to make it easy to find?
  8. Yup mines broke too. Good thing I have legit
  9. I imagine it would need to be recracked to work again properly. However it's not expensive and I think Dev support is needed. I say if you go the money, go buy it! Cool thing though, keeps the devs in check... Should they get out of hand like the HB devs have. (Tony/Hawker) Show them that their product is far from "secure" and anyone could reverse it and steal it for their own.
  10. I actually used my money to support the great product. When something is good always support it if you're able.
  11. = Much better for scanning, its a tool to identify generally more than remove... Very good reactive tool set! Give a tryout!
  12. Works great and update all especially! Actually works and doesn't get any errors. (peppy also)
  13. Doesn't download.