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  1. I would suggest staying away from it. And dunno if posting direct link to hacking website (most likely keylogger or other crap there) is a good idea anyway
  2. Honestly, it's simply better to buy DB and support the best d3 bot out there
  3. I have original keys for db. Found the forum after i had bought mine, but with the price (15$/3 lifetime keys) and my business on diablo i might be unable to afford waiting for the cdpatcher updates
  4. Brutal key farm works best for me, i dunno why but it doesnt seem like zerg profiles work at all (bot dies, gets stuck etc) Doing normal mode t4 with boon of hoarder ,getting tons of exps and gold, sometimes item upgrades, and like a set of keys (4/4/4/4) every 2 hours or so. Zerg modes just keep dying