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  1. What a legend.


  2. I'd love to test your game once it's done, preferably before you add in a "reset card stack" feature I kinda want to break it, by counting xD
  3. Do you speak English well* @Panic, as you know - insanity is only defined by the masses perhaps it's them who are truely insane :/ ? #DenLilleHavFrue<3
  4. Ohh Cry On, as always <3

  5. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.
  6. R.I.P. Glider <3 miss you everyday!
  7. Ohh Cry On :'(

  8. 100000 viewers comming up! xD
  9. Think about it this way, if Suspense wanted to harm your pc.. then he'd probably had done it by now Use your brain, ofc. they're not gonna throw a trojan in there -_-' Besides that, i wouldn't trust a AV named "Smart Security"..
  10. Is archeage available for EU players? or is it still RU/CN
  11. Elementary has my soul :(

  12. I'll do what french people do best. "We Surrender!"
  13. You didn't say text counts as numbers! -34