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Found 13 results

  1. FAQ: §0 Do I need VIP status to use CodeDeception? No. Anything offered here that's not member contributed to the community (so any of the official releases) are completely free, VIP is merely a way to support what we do here, and in return for supporting us we give you the VIP status with a nice green name. §1 How to become VIP? §2 What is CodeDeception? CD provides a service to use some buddy products for free. That means you do not have to spent any money at all. CD cracks buddy products, like Honorbuddy (all things in the Honorbuddy Store, too), Hearthbuddy, etc. §3 Which products are currently working? You can check here: It could take some time to crack a new version for the buddy products. So please be patient, because the developers are doing this all for free and have other things to do in their life as well. But usually they crack things pretty fast. §4 How to use Honorbuddy, Hearthbuddy and other buddy products? 1. Download them from here: # Note: If you are from Germany, use a proxy to download the non-german version of honorbuddy. 2. Make sure you have all dependencies that the buddy product needs like .NET Framework 4 and Visual C++ 3. Download CDAuth from here: 4. Start CDPatcher as Admin (It will rename itself with random strings for safety measures) . 5. Use VIP Auth. Do not close CDPatcher. - 6. Start the buddy product, if it asks for your authentication key, enter your key from here: addition stuff for Honorbuddy: 7. For plugins, profiles, routines and botbases in the Honorbuddy Store go to and enable the products which you want. You have to restart Honorbuddy to get the new products. If you have any request for the buddy store, go here: §5 Something does not work. Use the help and support section: Please provide a .log, describe exactly your problem and what you already have tried to solve it by yourself.
  2. Code to the deception USARS! Buddystore, new stuff from buddyteam, streams stuff to HB client, much smart, such idea, very appreciate. Buddy Store is a new streaming system implemented on official client which allows users to purchase plugins/routines/profiles and then stream them directly to their HB client after activating it on their buddyauth page. On you will find a list of content available, we rely on you guys to let us know what you want and if/when something updated, we don't have time to keep track. DO NOT USE THIS THREAD FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO ACCESS THE "STORE" ETC DO NOT ASK ABOUT CDSTORE UPDATE ETAs OR YOU WILL BE BANNED! ------------------------------------------------- If there is something missing from CDPatcher please post using the template below; Name of Buddstore Product: Buddystore Version and release date: CDstore version(if applicable): Link to buddystore item: Example: 1-100 Questing Profile Pack Version: 1.0.4106 (3/27/2015 3:24:15 AM) CDStore: 1.0.4100 Here are also a few rules 1) Do NOT request something that has already been requested 2) Do NOT request an update to a product if it has NOT been pushed to buddystore(Like if a dev posts that his update is "pending" on buddsytore, you dont post a request for it here until it IS on buddystore) 3) Do not request a product that is in "Beta" on buddystore
  3. Boat is switched on and is operating normally, but buddy store is not working. As if it is empty. - log P.S. reinstall bot update or rollback to a previous version does not help
  4. Program: HonorBuddy Version: HB 2.5.14998.818 Issue: Cdstore not loading anything its a blank page! Logs: Combat routine: Standard Botbase: Doesnt matter Plugins ENABLED: DrinkPotions, Refreshment Detection (same issue with them off aswell) Location: Garrison Screen Shot:
  5. Program: Honorbuddy Version: v2.5.14863.814 First of, love what you done here so we "normal" people can have a chance of using Honorbuddy for personal use (i',m no gold seller / multi boter), i use it for personal stuff, i did as well contribute to be "VIP" simply cause i felt u deserve it. Issue: I've been using cdstore here on the site, and i do get them to my honorbuddy and i can use them, no issue there, (did not know where to find all info about them, but i know understand they are all from honorbuddy forum ofc), 1. BUT how can i download them LOCALLY, i want to use them as OFFLINE profiles so i can edit them myself (is there a SVN/ftp somewhere here on codedeception?)...Here is one of several reasons why i want them offline: Yesterday i used this profile 232546-fly-qb-thundering-ruby-cloud-serpent-mount-farm-maffyx the profile works, i didn't know about where to find the initial site (on honorbuddy forum) about the author who did it until a min ago and when i found out the bot uses the 10 skyshards to make a sky crystal and summon the mount, this f***ed up all my plans since i only wanted the bot to farm them (skyshards) so i could make a group and summon the mount for another char / a legit account. Not only do i see in the log that the bot did use the item and summoned the mount drop Alani but he also FAILED to loot it, so not even the bot got the mount, such a bloody time waste! :/ Another example is i want to edit that profile to sell all green items instead of mailing them. (Basicly i have 1 account that i bot on that idc about getting banned on, that "gives" stuff to my main account, atleast thats the idea.) 2. Where can i get a WORKING and EASY lootfilter addon? (Simply like: Sell Green/Grey (keep), Delete grey (but keep if more then X amount gold),do not loot "this and that item", easy lootlist keep/delete) . I've added Lootfilter from cdstore but it gives me an error. Logfile and screenshot here: Lootfilter log + screen (i do think it might be as simple as me not having Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1, so i'm downloading (KB3102433) to see if it fixes the issue with lootfilter plugin. HBLog: Combat Routine: TuanHA Paladin [WoD Store Paid] Botbase: Questing Thanx in advance!
  6. Many of the products are 3 or more versions newer than their CDStore analogue, will they be updated?
  7. Program: Honorbuddy Version: HB803 ?? Latest version that just came out yesterday .. Issue: Nothing I select in the CDStore streams to honorbuddy .. VIP Auth .. It's logs in but it's barebones .. no botbases .. no routines.. no anything.. CD Auth Key Login: Buddy Auth Key Login: No Setting changed .. One after another .. Combat Routine: Only Singular shows.. Botbase: Questing Bot? Plugins ENABLED: Control Panel .. Location: Huh? .. In the game? Frostfire Ridge .. I think it's worth mentioning that when i use my Legit HB Key streaming works just fine..
  8. Hi! I have been trying to stream my plugins and routines and stuff to my honorbuddy on my other pc but it wont stream it! I am using the same account as the other one and i have checked if all of the things i want have been checked, Please can you help me Many thanks!!
  9. Hello Guys! I don't know what is happening with Demonic Premium, but this routine is not doing well. It is not working (doing DPS) as lately with any spec (demo, Afflic or destro). Could you kindly check what is possible to do about it? thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys new to cdpatcher and i am not quite sure on how to download a profile from the cdstore. I go to the cdstore and pick the profile i want i press tick the profile line goes green but when i go on honorbuddy it is not in the buddystore. Please help, thank you
  11. Hi I am requesting the Cokx Gladiator suite update 2.6.0 Currently it is 2.5 in our store Heres the link (to the place he says its updated) Thank you!!
  12. Hi guys, thx for you work, I have one question how often you update products from BuddyStore? Need update for Sushi - Balls Deep (PvE Rogue) .. please .. THX! Version: v1.0.1.22 (11/9/2014 5:50:36 PM)Fixed Assassination AOE spamFixed GUI crashing
  13. Hi all! My HB does not load any routines from cdstore ... when I click on "Raid Bot" then on "Load Profile" appears an empty window... why? Can anyone help me pls? Sorry for my bad english...