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Found 57 results

  1. Sorry for my bad English.Bot started to summon BSOD (blue screen of death). You need to block a Wrobot from accessing to the Internet. We have 3 methods (thanks gamusin0), but you need to use only one of them: First of all, for all who cares I want to outline my position. I am against the use of bots on the official World of wacraft servers. And for compliance with all the conditions prescribed in the Blizzard license agreement, but I am absolutely neutral about the use of these programs on private servers. Since these servers themselves violate EULA. TBC versions are unstable and have couple of bugs. 3.3.5a version that succeed with running in 2.4.3 works better in Grinding mode than original version for TBC, but Quester does’t work at all and possibly some other functions too.Links: Wrobot for World of Warcraft 2.4.3: Wrobot for World of Warcraft 3.3.5а: Wrobot for World of Warcraft 5.4.8 (thanks @Likon69): (Some servers claim version 5.4.8, but in fact they have other versions) Wrobot for World of Warcraft 7.2.5: (Didn’t test it, possibly not working) Wrobot for World of Warcraft 3.3.5a, that can work in 2.4.3: VirusTotal: I’ve test all 4 versions (withought 5.4.8) in one archive withought meshes. Virustotal found: “Gen:Variant.Ursu.860805”, I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know what it is. But I was using a bot for a while and nothing extraordinary happened to my PC. Old cracked version by Tumadre also have that “Ursu” thing:
  2. Welcome everyone! This thread serves the purpose of allowing everybody to try our full re-write of the rendering disabler for WoW and D3, this will have limits for free users in the future, but for now we need to get this tested. Look at the bottom for changelog. So what is a rendering Disabler? A rendering disabler will lock your WoW window so no ground mesh, texture or anything else is rendered. This means the client will use far less CPU then a window rendering the in-game world. When the client is not rendering, you cannot see anything in your game other then your minimap, so check the minimap to see if your character is still moving properly!. Our rendering disabler can reduce client CPU usage by up to 80%!, aswell as memory usage by 25-35% Here is a visual representation of the results before and after using our rendering disabler BEFORE USING RENDERING DISABLER AFTER USING RENDERING DISABLER DISABLER GUI Download link = HERE Login for application For World of Warcraft users = USE YOUR CD AUTH KEY For Diablo 3 users = USE YOUR CD AUTH KEY CD AUTH KEY = Notes: Please enable vsync in your game when using disabler. Changelog Update 26th of Feburary New* Changed the way memory reducer works. Before when you enabled memory reducer, and then disabled the disabler for your character, memory reducer would also be disabled. This meant that world objects would begin to load and increase ram usage, you had to restart wow to re-enable memory reduction agian. Now, memory reducer will be enabled at all times(if you tick it in the options tab) even if you disable render disable for a characterFixes* Several sever side optimizations. v2.0 Added name filtering for mass usersFixed memory and cpu usage of disabler(Should no longer consume lots of cpu)added option "Reduce memory usage" for World of Warcraft, this diables sound and texture loading. Reducing memory usage of WoW.Optimized cpu gain when using disabler(CPU should be reduced more then previous version) Regards CodeDeception
  3. With the newest update of CDPatcher released as of this post, CDpatcher now supports ReBot. You would access rebot the same way you access any of the buddybots, run cdpatcher, then download ReBot from their website here; Run rebot, rebot will start and initialize, a little login window will appear somewhere on your screen, possibly behind rebot, enter your CD auth key from the auth page which is located here; And the paid contents of the bot will unlock. THIS RELEASE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC USERS! REMEMBER TO UPDATE CDPATCHER TO LATEST VERSION! Have fun
  4. CDPatcher for HearthBuddy Download = Get your login key here = http://codedeception...ex.php/main/key Please read the instructions for use here = Failure to do so will result in moderation action
  5. Hey, anyone already got a cracked 8.0.1 Bot for World of Warcraft?
  6. Hello, After hours of searching for private server bot ( I managed to grab HB version which sadly doesn't work with CD Patcher Auth. Other things I found is Wrobot but sadly download links have been broken, everything else that I tried didn't work. If anybody is willing to help me or post or PM me list of working bots for Private Servers I would be more than thankful. Thanks in advance.
  7. No subscription required. Only non-current versions of TNB will be activated. They work hard for their subscriptions. This is intended for private servers. Our server also authenticates GW2-AutoTradeBot
  8. Windows 8 does not work. Windows 10 does not tested. Steps: Important: Downloads: Big thanks to Suspense and Desconocido!
  9. Please use the steps bellow in order to make it work successfully: Download -->> MrFishIt <<-- for 4.3.4:15595 Build(Cataclysm) Make sure you have Net4.0 installed. Make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed. Have Your WoW running and make sure You are logged in Happy Botting!!USE WITH PRECAUTION. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
  10. As probably most of you know, the Honorbuddy for 3.3.5a is a bit strange. It often bugs out and acts wierdly after a while. So, I decided to create a program which restarts/relogs both wow and HB for you. + (Tools like Anti-AFK etc) Note: Please post below if you experience some kind of a bug and I'll try to fix it. Suggestions are also welcome! The program is called WrathBuddy and it is free. WB currently only supports HB3.3.5, but all WoW Patches. Download v2.1 Developed for Windows 7 If there's any interest in helping me develop WrathBuddy, don't hesitate to contact me! FYI, WB is written in AutoIt.
  11. Help me find the bot for 7.1.5 farm BG,please.
  12. Hello smn have a free bot/crack for GWS2 ?
  13. Good day, gentlemen. I was looking for a 2.4.3 bot with profiles that would at least be capable of grinding mobs; questing would be good but is not neccessary. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have been searching literally days for a working bot (any bot) for Burning Crusade 2.4.3 but I've come up empty handed. Nothing but dead links and outdated information. I've read that Honorbuddy 3.3.5 is compatible with 2.4.3, but after following sandstorms release, I still get an error: ------------------------------- You have not selected a valid instance of WoW to attach to! Please restart Honorbuddy and choose a valid WoW instance to use Honorbuddy. ------------------------------- Log file: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\HonorBuddy3.3.5a\Logs\1-5-2016_5_50 AM Log.txt I can only assume its due to a version incompatibility. If anyone knows of a working bot (or how to fix honorbuddy) please respond, PM, etc. This game sucked away years of my life and I'd just like to cut down on how much time it sucks from me once again. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, Since there wasn't any solution to the problem that occured some months before, we all tried to find another way to enjoy botting once again. Well tito38 did. But note that it doesn't work on Windows 8. First of all you will need to download some files. 1. 2. 3. necessary if you don't already have the Mesh from Deathburn's post) Then you must follow some steps in order to set it up. 1. First of all go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc then run Notepad as administrator. After that open the "hosts" file located in the "etc" folder in Notepad. Then copy the followed text at the end of the content of the file: and save it. 2. Then extract the auth folder (which you downloaded before) wherever you want to. Then copy the content of the mesh folder inside /auth/mesh/hb2 . 3. Finally you need to open Buddy_Auth.exe located in auth folder. With this opened you can run HonnorBuddy using any Username and Password you want to. 4. ENJOY! This post is dedicated to pito38 as he found the source. Hope it works for everyone.
  16. wanna share 1 session HB key but use at ur own risk it will expire on March/2/2017 and at least you can offer me something like CSGO hack from Drhacks or anything that useful for me inbox me if u interest ( Mayb i will just give it to u if u say something nice and i like that lol )
  17. I understand that bots like Wrobot do not work because the .exe of wow is not the same as the original version, and is modified a bit ... Is there a solution to this problem?
  18. Can any upload any bot, cracked for WOW 5.4.8? please
  19. i started using Honorbuddy ( a legit key i have from the site ) and was banned within 3 days of starting to use it (i have had a 6month ban in the past on this account so possible my account was already flagged before i even started again) i only botted few times here and there between playing myself. mainly used for herb/ore in new maps ( was no errors in logs apart from the usual known meshing error ) between the items i accumulated myself and the farming on the bot i made around 200k in 3-4 days regularly checking bot and randomizing hotspots so not the same paths all the time and i make my own paths/hotspots only someone stupid would use anything public that asking to be banned. just posting here so anyone going to get a key from Honorbuddy id say hold off for a little maybe a update/hotfix in HB ive been using bots since BC and never before have i been detected this fast. WARNING has been sent.... happy botting
  20. Hello, I've noticed the old release isn't working anymore (the application crash few seconds after the login) , could someone please update it? I already tried, and failed, to use exclusive's crack (authManager.dll) with the new files from wrobot's updater. If someone's willing to try here's the .rar with the new files: Thank you for your work guys.
  21. Virtualized Code lol This release is currently VIP exclusive and will remain so for an undecided amount of time. Information Well, since we have all been fabulously burned with the advent of the honorbuddy banwave, the team at CodeDeception has fully patched the auth systems (if you could call it that) of Rebot by NLG Solutions. All that is required is the CDPatcher. It took three hours to fix. About ReBot ReBot - easy, easier, the easiest (to crack) automation botting software for World of Warcraft Quest Bot with complete automated leveling from 1 to 90. We have the most advanced scripting system in the bot-scene. You will be able to use it without any knowledge of programming. The Quest Bot comes with a complete Horde leveling profile made of 3000 quests. Make a character, hit start, and let the magic begin. 8 awesome bots will help you spending less time with boring tasks! ReBot is working for latest WoW Warlords of Draenor (WoD) Patch 6.1.2 General ReBot Features Easy Setup Runs in background Performance optimized Searches rare mobs Advanced Mesh system Intelligent pathfinding Chat monitoring Smartphone notifications Auto equip Selects talents Auto use flightpaths Auto switch continents Available Bots in ReBot Quest Bot 1 to 90 with included profiles Can solve daily quests Easy script editor Full scripting API PvP Bot All Battlegrounds supported Intelligent action logic No profiles needed Combine with other bots Gather Bot Mining / Herbalism / Skinning Gather and Grinding Kill rare mobs Easy profile creator PetBattle Bot Level pets to 25 Collect all pets Full automatic rotation Easy to use Archaeology Bot All continents supported Online fragment-database Fragments to items Uses keystones Auction Bot Intelligent pricing algorithmus Deposits gold in guildbank Get mail from other characters Many options Combat Bot No class setup required Can do instances/raids Follows best player Tank/Heal/DPS supported Fish Bot Finds water automatically Can be used without profile Fishpool mode Used trainer and vendors Name: ReBotVersion: v1.0.5556.23860Latest update: 25.3.2015Vendor's website: Instructions Download the CDPatcher off your auth pageCopy your unique auth keyRun ReBot, allow it to initalize.Enter your key in the box that appears somewhere on your screen (Sometimes behind rebot. We don't know why.)Do the thing with the bot.Screenshot Archived Ver With the newest update of CDPatcher released as of this post, CDpatcher now supports ReBot. You would access rebot the same way you access any of the buddybots, run cdpatcher, then download ReBot from their website here; Run rebot, rebot will start and initialize, a little login window will appear somewhere on your screen, possibly behind rebot, enter your CD auth key from the auth page which is located here; And the paid contents of the bot will unlock. This release is currently VIP exclusive and will remain so for an undecided amount of time. Have fun
  22. LazyLol will automatically log you in and queue you up for a game with the selected roles and champions. Any selection is viable. Want to queue up for a game without spending 20 minutes in the champion select? LazyLol will automatically accept the queue-pop and ban/pick champs for you. Even if someone leaves during champ- select. Lazylol will play a sound once everything is done and you are in the game. Dinner's ready? Don't want to get reported for AFK? Turn on Anti-AFK and enjoy your dinner while LazyLol plays for you. Note: This is an early version. Some features may still be unavailable. Please post below if you experience some kind of a bug and I'll try to fix it. Suggestions are also welcome! Note: LazyLol does only support Screen Resolution 1920x1080. LoL (Launcher) resolution 1280x800. Support for all resolutions will be added momentarily. Note: LazyLol is only tested on Windows 8.1 as of right now. The program is called LazyLol and it is free. LazyLol supports the latest patch of League of Legends. What it does Opens up LoL (based on user-set path) Clicks Launch. If EULA is present, accepts it. Login (based on user-set info) Queue up for match (requires user to have 1920x1080p resolution) Anti-afk (upcoming) In the config file that is included, you can enter your details. Planned features Anti-afk Choose to login+queue on the same button Accept queue pop-up Ban and select champ Select all role combinations Retrieve and set size/pos of LoL Memory read Better way of obtaining pos of clicks. Play a sound when queue is done and you are ingame. Add support for button combinations, scripts, auto-buy items. Etc.. Changelog v 1.1 (Coming soon) Updated GUI Added status feed (for error tracking etc) Added field to choose your champion(s) for auto-queue. Added pixel search to see if/when we can click some buttons or not. Working on fully automatic queue accept / champ select. For new system. Some work on Anti-AFK function. Fixed stop/start. Fixed hotkeys. (Can be set to your choice in config file) Added some errors. (Example: If LoL is not running then we cant queue.) Added tooltips to buttons for explanation/info. Added login-form for possible future use. Download LazyLol v1.0 If there's any interest in helping me develop this, don't hesitate to contact me. Autoit.
  23. Selling 2 acounts of diabloe 3 botexploit First: expire 04/07/2016 = 5$ Second: have 6 mouths, Valid starting the day to buy = 20$ Send me a private message and add on skype: sunphonline
  24. Hello everyone. Is it possible to run 4.3.4 honorbuddy on win10 x64? I've been reading and some people say that's the reason wow crashes. My gpu drivers are updated. Running in DX9 Here's what I've tried: Running in windowed (fullscreen), windowed Compatibility win7, vista sp2 on all 3 exes (wow, auth, hb). I'd like some suggestions Thanks in advance.
  25. I feel that this community has been so great to me since i came across this wonderful site that i would share some good news! With Blade & Souls just coming out i am active in The Buddy Forums Discord channels due to Rebornbuddy and FFXIV. Well its official that APOC is in development for an alpha release of a Blade & Souls bot. So far they are calling it Soul Glider but all is subject to change. If enough here show interest ill be sure to keep you all updated with progress. I hope this has made someones day! Cheers to the weekend! Wickedmortal