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  1. Well i've read it, anyway why cdpatcher is not uptated even for prelegion zones? I mean i would like to farm gold only so i dont need to farm it on legion zones. Second question LegionBuddy and HB3 are the same bot? Cause in FAQ is wrote that Legionbuddy gonna be separated program
  2. You mean honorbuddy v3 right? Well they got 844 relase which work with Legion right? Is there any info when hb3 will launch?
  3. HB 3? I came here after a year break. Little off-top why i dont have permission to sue chatbox?
  4. I wonder how long it take to CDpatcher starts working :/
  5. As title says. Going first only to trusted players . pm me with offers or mail me [email protected] NEED IT TODAY! skrill/paypall/banktobank