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  1. Yes... it owns me the ability to play manually!!
  2. OMG have you REALLY understood the real problem? Please re-read the first post (you may have to copy and paste it into google translator to help..)
  3. nah... I dont have paypal... I only have bitcoins... I really apreciate Codedeception work... I dont care about been VIP or not... I just want to play!
  4. Please, read this...
  5. Same here. Log says " BotMain Stopping the bot. Reason:Session error " I´ve tried to fresh reinstall (new folder, re-downloaded DB, new trinity (.89), no plugins except Adventurer, Trinity and QuestTools - all up to date).... Restarted modem/router and Windows (7 x64). Now I have "Invalid Login" (tried public main and backup servers) I saw that it could be something related to an intermitent internet connection. But I´m listening to an online radio that is not interrupted (ok, maybe its buffer keep it running...). So i´ve tested with on line TV... my internet connection seems to be ok. SpeedyTest says 6ms Ping - 35Mbps Download and 22Mbps Upload.... (while listening the radio) Maybe DB detecting CDPatcher? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, This is a VERY VERY good "where to start". I´m certain that this will guide u to where u want to be...
  7. Planning to accept?
  8. Bitcoin accepted?