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  1. Hey man could u reupload the file you uploaded here? 

    It was taken down

  2. Name of Buddstore Product: TuanHA Hunter - The Ultimate Experience Buddystore Version and release date: Version: 6.2.5834 (12/23/2015 4:32:01 AM) CDstore version(if applicable): 6.2.5819 Link to buddystore item:
  3. what link?
  4. but i tought everyone could have it not only vip
  5. were is the other post then? please link it to me
  6. ofc it will works i have allredy tested it
  7. Heroes of the Storm Leaked Alpha! Download: 1. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9FAC36C9B8BAC3EA7F01026964AA534BC88C1413 2. Heros configor Download MapSwitcher v6 How to start the Game: 1. Open MapSwitcher.exe or Heroesconfig.exe 2. Launch Heroes through StormSwitcher.exe in Support folder of Heroes installation 3. At login screen, alt-tab to MapSwitcher or Heroesconfig, pick map/char you want and hit patch. 4. Alt-tab back into Heroes, open the menu (Tab, Tab, F10) and hit "Play Tutorial".
  8. it's amazing to VIP you sould try it =D
  9. make sure you have intall this one =) MEGA.CO.NZ
  10. install and