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  1. any updated links? =)
  2. Are you planning to release a 7.1.5 ? =D
  3. Can anyone tell me if its possible to make autoit search for text? (im trying to search for a button a pop up(the color changes every time so i cant use img search) so i thought why not try using text search if possible) , the text is following: OK, Okay, Tak, Fedt. I've searched around most possibilities i found was img search which doesnt work cuz of the color change.. ^^ Any help are HIGHLY appreciatet. -Dequality.
  4. No one? :/ i tried everything all i found so far is This is all i've been able to find about the object so far..
  5. Am trying to figure out how to make a script which simply searches for a object on a site and when it finds it (it's a pop up inside a chat) it should automatically click it, my question is how do i make it endless loop & how do i even make this?! and how do i find the specific object? <.< im totally new at java, but i can't really find any easy guides for it =( - Dequality.
  6. What about my suggestions? they're on first page
  7. Dungeon fighter online? Paladins / Smite (Hi-rez) Not sure if there is anything else? don't think steam is possible? unless you also go for their emails :-D I would love to see a tutorial on how you do it honestly!
  8. [email protected]:606490AlBs1975 Still works, havent tested more than from top till that one and that one stil works =) Please do not change the password or create new "users" inside the netflix account nice to have one for free man ;-) Tyvm to Foxez - Dequality.
  9. How far is this donation progress? =) -Deq.
  10. Well i never had that problem (aint playing wow anymore) i had contact to a extremely good coder (Botanist) i got his entire "VIP/Donator" storage for free over & over even after updates.. But may he REST IN PEACE! ... he was a very generous man! -Dequality.
  11. Damn, sorry to see this - this was a extremely good site! hope it will stay so. But @Suspense you said clearly several times that you guys wont make it like a "subbed" site with payment/monthly to use ur stuff, but! if people have to donate let's say 10$ each month to keep it running, wouldnt it be the same as saying it's "VIP" only / monthly-fee / subbed? i honestly can't see the difference wether it's 5$ or 10$ it will end up being a paid service anyways, Or am i just stupid as hell here? :-) , but if i had cash for it i would for sure donate lol, love the work u guys are doing! But as some other dude mentioned it would just have been better gone off buying e.g. HonorBuddy lifetime/yr thingy. =) -Sorry for my shitty English, Am from Denmark. ~~ might explain it lewl. -Dequality.