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  1. Injects and almost works even lots and make food water on my mage but just says Downloading meshes and i have a 260mb pack in a folder called meshes C:
  2. Can somebody maybe make a thraed/guide on how to get PQR to work on 3.3.5a specifically Warmane Lorderaeon? Pleaseeeeeeeee
  3. How do i get it working on lorderaon any one want to help me?
  4. i cant get it to work on lorderaon =/
  5. Another stie. /www.s-develop.net/cracked%20scripts/ Thresh prince of BOL!
  6. I would not run any EXE for a simple lua script lol
  7. Still no ban here, idc about my 5$ BOL VIP account anyway. 4-6 months strong.
  8. Ive been a BOL VIP user for over 4 months using cracked scripts no ban.
  9. I just tested the akali funhouse in the second link in a custom game and it worked
  10. double post
  11. http://www.speedyshare.com/NQYhr/BoL-Studio-Full-Deal.rar Evadeee (0,957) -MMA -SAC:Reborn -ProSeries: Marksman -Fun House Akali -Fun House Fizz -Beastly Repo -CassioWhooping -RTTC\ I didnt crack these buy the way just sharing lol
  12. from what ive read some of them require vip and some dont, pretty sure ones like evadee do. ive always had vip so not sure
  13. https://mega.co.nz/#!oF8jBbhK!8GGAbZF6dTkHpmfOA6RAIipPR5fbuFIGkWhfM04v7mA Akali fun house, fiz funhouse, Evadeee, Proseries ADC pack, Ryze to challenger etc. I got a few other links with sidas and a few others if more people want em.
  14. I have been using cracked scripts for nearly 6 months and have not had my BOL vip account touched