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  1. It worked, thx a lot Suspense !
  2. I gave 2k euro for new pc but connections in greece are "SHIT", i am gonna try it with wow only opened and give a deefback.
  3. I am paying for much better connection but lets see what sppedtest says: i have, many things oponed in the background. does this matter ?
  4. aloha, same prob for a week or something after a crash that hb had.
  5. Good day guys, I have the same problem with @abmoder194. Any solutions ?
  6. Ok, thanks a lot for your time and have a nice day.
  7. lol really, is this happening only to me? still the same error. and the thing is that i am old user, i just have to use it for like 8 months or something. The latest log:
  8. Nothing changed Here is the last log: Also here is all my programs and features, if you can see something wrong:
  9. nothing special
  10. I am back again. I ran the installer and i get the same error message. Here is a new log that maybe can give you an idea for the problem: P.S after the install it said that i had a successful install.
  11. Allright, found it. here we are:
  12. Well, i have no idea how to do this.
  13. Hello and good day there, I have an issue here logging HB to my computer. I am opening WoW, then CDPatcher and last HB but i am getting an error message. If you could help i would appreciate it.