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  1. well need new download links
  2. hilast is the developer of the pixelobot code that is leaked in op download link
  3. Both are working, neither are scam, should i paste source instead of archive? How is the free download a scam? You are mad you are scamming users with autohotkey scripts that are not safe.
  4. Some fixes have been made to this https://ufile.io/x9bn72hl post if have any issue credits to @WhiteCat
  5. This one has seem to been improving, and as well bypasses teleport animation with packets
  6. This program reads the status of your life and your maximum life from game mem and then calculates your current %-life. You can enter a %-value. If your %-life is below that, the game will be closed in an instant. The tool auto-detects whether you have diablo 2 resurrected open, are in a game or not in a game. Because it reads from memory, this will also work while you are in a loading screen. So no more deaths while a waypoint is in loading screen or entering duriels room. Very useful for hardcore players. Download: https://gofile.io/d/Wce4s4
  7. I came across this macro script and thought it was pretty convenient seeing how controller players have the advantage currently with having multiple abilities already set to hot keys. This macro script makes it easy to swap and buff and also cast various spells lightning quick with keyboard shortcuts as they are hotmapped. It is of course open source AHK script makes it convenient for users who may have: physical disabilities or lack of movement in hand those easily susceptible to carpal tunnel players wanting to play diablo with a bit of an advantage like a controller would have This does not inject to game or configure any game files, it only copies your keyboard like a macro should Features as included All actions reduced to 1 button: Casting on cursor (left or right slot) Auto move & attack All in one Swap, buff and swap back Casting can alert you when buffs end with a sound effect as well! Configure & download: https://andrewcloss.github.io/Diablo-2-Accessibility-Tool/
  8. There are many items people don't realize that may be worth imbuing with Charsi's horaldric malus quest, and if you use the right items you will get some exceptional items imbued from her. This video goes over it, i thought i would share because if you have not used your charsi imbue item quest reward, you should have some ideas on what to imbue after watching
  9. With the latest botting scene going crazy in diablo 2 resurrected, one of the primary goals of botting is of course to NOT get banned. We have seen many bots that have gotten users banned due to just running pindleskin over and over with the same set of macro key clicks, while this is not what we would even call a bot at this point. There are a few bots to choose from, with Diablo 2 Pixelobot cracked i will include those downloads below Here is a video of the Pixelobot for d2 resurrected farming download: https://gofile.io/d/K4WcA3 2nd download: https://gofile.io/d/Q2dvNT password to archives: SellYourShitOnd2jspAsSoonAsYouGetItBecauseBANHAMMERISLIKELY There is also the Diablo 2 Pindle Bot Pindly that was originally just so basic it was getting everyone ban hammered SPOILER Download links : https://gofile.io/d/fM8CXR And here is download for instructions: https://gofile.io/d/5UtfGO Ignore any nonsense about fingerprint ID, the developer of this autohotkey script was charging 40eur so do not buy that rubbish. Any bot below 50 eur is usually going to get ban. Note the video was reuploaded, the youtube channel hosting the video has other products that are legit too.
  10. hey just gathering the maphack and content then will be posting, placeholder thread, sorry for delay.
  11. Getting started with a d2 resurrected maphack download that is safe is quite simple when you compare the available options, one of the most prevalent maphacks available has the been the opensource MAPAssist API that requires you to use old d2 lod files for it call to and overlays it over the game. Such as Diablo 2 Resurrected Maphack Has their maphack as we see, overlay functionality using the common open source available but this requires you to have things such as certain api's an old installation of d2 lod 1.13 for the assist to call the old files to read and overlay over your game. We will be releasing a new version that actually shows everything in game such as mob locations on the in game minimap fully revealed, location of unique mobs, location of runes on ground or uniques/rare items and such. As you can see from this screenshot, this is quite an older version which does point you in direction of next map level and such, but there are many more revisions of this since As well as another version with mobs shown but not as detailed as we would like and it is still an overlay i will keep updating this post thank you for patience.